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Integrated Scholarly Portfolio

The Integrated Scholarly Portfolio is an option for all doctoral students. An Integrated Scholarly Portfolio provides students with a framework for beginning their research careers and also provides for additional recognition upon completion of the PhD. At the completion of the doctoral program, students are recognized for their accomplishments in an elected area of expertise. This expertise is evident in their ability to conduct research, to communicate information to a variety of audiences, and to provide service to the profession and community. The interrelationship among these manifestations of expertise is inherent when research results are communicated in manuscripts and in oral presentations that have been reviewed by peers, mentors, and referees. These requirements are not the sole responsibility of the student or of the advisor, but are a combined effort of all those involved in the doctoral program.

These things must be completed at the time of graduation:

Demonstrated research experience (such as being a Research Assistant, receiving an NSRA Fellowship Award, etc.).

Scholarly activities such as:

  • Presentation of a poster or paper at a research/professional conference
  • Publications: Peer-reviewed manuscript in review, in press, or published
  • Grant proposals

Service to the University, School of Nursing, or profession. Service activities might include but are not limited to mentoring new students, serving as an elected officer, participation on Boards or committees, and/or volunteering to assume leadership activities to accomplish organizational goals.)

In addition to the above, students must complete the following at the time of graduation:

  • Two peer reviewed manuscripts in review, in press or published articles in peer-reviewed journals, one of which must be a data-based paper.
  • Submission and/or receipt of grant application to support dissertation.
  • Draft manuscript related to dissertation.
  • Poster or paper abstract of dissertation in review.