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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I schedule practice time outside of open lab time?

Answer: If there is available space and equipment, we can at times set up practice outside open lab times. Check with the lab staff at (512) 471-9062 or (512) 475-9569 to check on availability.

Question: Can I check out equipment and supplies from the lab?

Answer: Some equipment and supplies can be checked out for class-related assignments and projects. Please email Deanna Baker, or call her at (512) 471-7961, in the LEAP Center for availability and arrangement of supply check-out.

Question: I forgot my lab coat for skills class. Can I check one out for class today?

Answer: Neither the LEAP Center nor the Simulation & Skills Center (SSC) can check out lab coats to students, due to infection control policies. Please remember to always bring your required lab coat and other supplies as assigned or borrow one from a fellow classmate.

Question: I missed a lab, now what?

Answer: Contact your lab instructor. They will fill out a 3-part form and give to you or the lab staff. You must contact the lab staff to make up the lab before your next scheduled lab. You will get the pink copy of the form. After you have completed the lab, the lab staff will forward the white copy to your faculty and the lab will keep the yellow copy for their records.

Question: When is open lab?

Answer: Open lab schedules are on the website and outside the doors of the lab rooms, at the LEAP Center desk, in the elevators, and on the front door to the School of Nursing.