Dr. Lorraine Walker, Dean Alexa Stuifbergen and Dr. King Davis


List of Affiliates with Area & Research Interest

Name & Title


Research Interest

Acton, Gayle
Associate Professor & Assistant Dean
School of Nursing Health promotion & self-care in older adults
Adams, Mary Lou
Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing
School of Nursing Breast cancer screening/prevention in African-American women.
Angel, Jacqueline
LBJ School of Public Affairs & Sociology Research methods, gender roles, culturally sensitive research methods & instruments
Angel, Ronald
Sociology Health issues of Hispanic populations, particularly elderly
Bartholomew, John
Kinesiology & Health Education Exercise in older Mexican-American women
Becker, Heather
Research Scientist
School of Nursing Research methodology, program evaluations, & health promotion for people with disabilities.
Bewsey, Steve
Director of Housing & Homeless Services
Lifeworks Service provider – homeless persons
Brown, Carolyn
Professor & St. David’s CHPR Advisory Committee member
Pharmacy Religiosity, time orientation, decision-making & their relationship to medication adherence in ethnically diverse samples. Hypertension & African Americans
Brown, Richard A.
Research Professor
School of Nursing Treatment of tobacco dependence and substance use disorders in adults and adolescents, comorbid psychiatric disorders, technology and social media interventions, exercise interventions, distress tolerance, motivational interviewing
Brown, Sharon
Professor & St. David’s CHPR Advisory Committee member
School of Nursing Health promotion / disease prevention in diabetic Mexican Americans
Busch-Armendariz, Noel
Associate Professor
School of Social Work Violence against women & children; social & public policy; social justice; international social work education, training & practice; & adoption & child welfare issues
Carter, Patricia
Associate Professor
School of Nursing Health promotion & disease prevention in family caregivers; current research focus is the relationship between chronic sleep deprivation & depressive symptoms in cancer caregivers; Sleep disturbances & depression in caregivers of cancer
Choi, Namkee
Professor, St. David’s CHPR Pilot Principal Investigator & Advisory Committee member
School of Social Work Social Policy for older persons (Social Security & Supplemental Security Income); social gerontology (long-term care; service utilization; minority aging); program evaluation
Clark, Angela
Emeritus Professor
School of Nursing Health promotion/interventions for persons with heart failure
Coyle, Edward
Kinesiology & Health Education Exercise physiology. Metabolism. Nutrition.
De la Garza, Denise
Lecturer & Senior Program Coordinator
School of Social Work Health promotion for persons with disabilities
Delgado, Evelyn
Asst. Commissioner for Family & Community Health
Texas Dept. of State Health Services Hispanic expert in family & community health
Dumas, Shelly
Training Director
Texas University Affiliated Program Health promotion for persons with disabilities
Forman, Michele R.
Bruton Endowed Chair & Professor
Nutritional Sciences - Epidemiology Nutrition, epidemiology, anthropology, maternal & child health
Freeland-Graves, Jeanne
Nutritional Sciences Nutritional needs of women from a biochemical perspective
Frisbie, William
Emeritus Professor
Sociology Race/ethnic differentials in mortality among infants & adults, with emphasis on Mexican Americans. Maternal & child heath. Determinants & consequences of program participation with focus on prenatal care & WIC. Immigrant issues
Garcia, Alexandra
Associate Professor
School of Nursing Diabetes symptoms of Mexican Americans
Gordon, Edmund T.
Associate Professor & Chair, African & African American Diaspora Studies
Anthropology African-American anthropology, economic anthropology, maritime anthropology, ethnicity & social stratification
Granillo, Teresa
Assistant Professor & Research Fellow
School of Social Work Latina/o adolescents & young adult mental health issues including eating disorders, mental health literacy, & mental health service utilization
Guidry, Jeff
Associate Professor, Texas A&M University
Health & Kinesiology Researcher with expertise in preventive behaviors in rural & minority populations
Haley, Andreana
Assistant Professor
Psychology Aging, cognition, cognitive impairment, metabolic syndrome, neuropsychological assessment, neuroimaging (MRI, fMRI, MRS)
Harrison, Tracie
Associate Professor
School of Nursing Aging with disabilities; specifically the intersection between age related change & functional impairment & how that affects social role performance & subsequent health outcomes in women
Hawkins II, Ray
Clinical Assistant Professor
Psychology General area of psychotherapy treatment, outcome effectiveness evaluation, specifically the interactions between personality dimensions & cognitive-behavioral interventions; also the study of addictive behaviors & their relationship to family of origin & psychological variables
Haynes, Mike
Recovery Coordinator, Seton Brain & Spine Institute, Executive Director, Lone Star Paralysis Association
Lone Star Paralysis Association Adaptive fitness expert
Heinzelman, Susan
Associate Professor & Director, Center for Women’s & Gender Studies
English 18th century women’s novels; feminism, law, & literature
Hendrickson, Sherry
Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing
School of Nursing Underserved, Spanish-speaking populations, reducing childhood injury & improving parental home safety behaviors
Herrera, Ruth Ann
Nurse Practitioner, Wallace Mallory Clinic
El Buen Samaritano Service provider to low-income persons in the community
Holahan, Carole
Kinesiology & Health Education, Psychology Health promotion & self-care in older adults
Holahan, Charles J.
Psychology Stress & coping process. Recent research has examined adaptive strategies for coping with cardiovascular illness (with Carole K. Holahan), & adaptive coping strategies among caregivers of medically ill children
Holleran, Lori
Associate Professor
School of Social Work Substance abuse prevention. Culturally grounded social work practice (especially ethnic identity of Mexican American youth). Social work with groups.
Horner, Sharon
Professor, Associate Dean for Research & St. David’s Advisory Committee member
School of Nursing Families & childhood asthma
Hudson, Scott
Assistant Director, Skills Laboratory
School of Nursing School of Nursing
Hummer, Robert
Sociology Health disparities among Americans, focusing specifically on racial & ethnic groups
Ivy, John
Teresa Lozano Long Endowed Chair in Kinesiology & Health Education & Chair
Kinesiology & Health Education Interested in the regulation of glucose uptake in skeletal muscle & the mechanisms by which exercise training prevents & alleviates insulin resistance & type II diabetes. Acute & chronic effects of exercise on muscle metabolism
Jang, Yuri
Associate Professor & St. David’s CHPR Pilot Principal Investigator
School of Social Work Gerontology; health disparities; minority aging; mental health and service utilization
Jensen, Jody
Kinesiology & Health Education, Psychology Biomechanical & neurophysiological factors that influence skill acquisition in infants & children & motor performance declines in older adults. Current projects include the development of muscle force regulation abilities in children as an underlying mechanism supporting the development of motor skills, & age-related changes in the postural control of aging adults
Johnson, Karen
Assistant Professor & Robert Wood Johnson Nurse Faculty Scholar
School of Nursing Adolescent health and social disparities, public health surveillance in alternative schools, promoting resilience and positive youth development (particularly through sport and physical activity) among vulnerable adolescents
Johnson, Regina
Associate Professor
School of Nursing Substance use, domestic violence
Jones, Barbara L.
Associate Professor
School of Social Work Pediatric palliative & end of life care, grief & loss, childhood cancer survivors, hope & resiliency, spirituality & international social work
Jones, Joni L.
Associate Professor
College of Fine Arts Performance scholarship that focuses on identity, ethnography, Yoruba-based performance aesthetics, Black Feminisms & Theatre for Social Change
Kim, Miyong
School of Nursing Community partnered health intervention, minority health – instrumentation, comparative epidemiology, and program evaluation
Kim, Su Yeong
Associate Professor
Development & Family Science Health disparities in Chinese & Mexican immigrant families, with a focus on acculturation & parenting
Lewis, Carol
Associate Director, Center for Social Work Research
School of Social Work Women’s Health, services to victims of violence, program evaluation, & cultural diversity
Loukas, Alexandra
Associate Professor
Kinesiology & Health Education Socioemotional development of children & adolescents, particularly the development of aggression & substance use/abuse
Mackert,  Michael
Associate Professor
Advertising Telemedicine, telecommunication technology, health communication, health literacy & online communities
Meininger, Janet
Lee & Joseph D. Jamail Distinguished Professor, UT Health Science Center Houston
Nursing Systems Researcher in adolescents & cardiovascular & minority health
Meraviglia, Martha
Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing
School of Nursing Minority research promotion. Spirituality & cancer.
Meston, Cynthia
Psychology Sexual psychophysiology, sexual dysfunction, relation between sexual abuse & sexual function, & the influence of acculturation on sexuality
Morris, Marian
Graduate Student
School of Nursing International public health, reproductive health, women's health
Nosek, Margaret
Professor, Executive Director, Center for Research on Women with Disabilities
Baylor College of Medicine Women with disabilities
Padilla, Yolanda
Social Work Social inequality; Latin American & gay & lesbian populations
Petersosn, Fred
Associate Professor
Kinesiology & Health Education Teach health literacy & adolescent risk taking behavior. Especially interested in changing how school teachers are traditionally prepared to become school health educators. Have developed a new paradigm for teacher preparation: Child & Adolescent Health Logic Framework.
Pomeroy, Elizabeth
School of Social Work AIDS. The effectiveness of psychosocial group interventions for PLWHs. Psychosocial research of childhood cancer survivors & their families. Mental health interventions for persons with chronic illnesses
Rew, Lynn Professor & St. David’s CHPR Advisory Committee member School of Nursing Vulnerability & help seeking behaviors of homeless Hispanic adolescents
Rountree, Michele
Associate Professor
School of Social Work Core research focus is in the area of health disparities in relation to socio-political, cultural & structural factors. Specific, narrowed inquiry is in the investigation of mental health & health associated with the intersection between intimate partner abuse (IPA) & the heightened risk for HIV/AIDS, in addition to the examination of development & evaluation of evidence-based HIV/AIDS interventions & prevention strategies tailored to women & communities of color
Seay, Penelope
Lecturer & Project Director, Texas Center for Disability Studies
College of Education Improvement in health care services for people with disabilities
Spence, Richard
Research Professor
School of Social Work Substance abuse; performance management; treatment services; technology transfer
Spirduso, Waneen
Professor Emeritus
Kinesiology & Health Education Relationship of physical activity to cognitive ability & aging
Staiger, Janet
Professor Emeritus
Radio, Television & Film Poststructural & postfeminist approaches to authorial studies, historiographical practices in media studies, slasher films, & emotions & genres, as well as continuing interests in reception studies, gender & sexuality studies
Steinhardt, Mary A.
Ombudsperson (Faculty), Distinguished Teaching Professor
Kinesiology & Health Education Mind-body health reflecting a person-centered approach to wellness & resiliency; & the relationship of individual behavioral dispositions to job-related characteristics & work-related outcomes.
Stout, Patricia
John P. McGovern Regents Professor in Health & Medical Science Communication
Advertising Research focuses on viewer response to persuasive messages & advertising, with particular attention to individuals' emotional response to advertising & health-promotion messages; the role of social marketing & the effectiveness of health communication; media & mental illness stigma; trust & credibility relevant to direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) for prescription medicines & the role of media in ameliorating mental illness stigma
Stuifbergen, Alexa
Dean, Professor & Ex-Officio member of St. David’s CHPR Advisory Committee
School of Nursing Health promotion & quality of life in chronic illness & in women with multiple sclerosis
Tanaka, Hirofumi
Associate Professor
Kinesiology & Health Education Influence of age & lifestyle modifications (particularly physical activity) on cardiovascular function & disease risk, masters athletes & athletic performance, physiology of swimming
Thompson, Sanna
Associate Professor
School of Social Work Research focused primarily on high-risk youth, with special emphasis on runaway/homeless youth populations
Timmerman, Gayle
Associate Professor & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
School of Nursing Dieting & binge eating in women & research methodology
Tyler, Diane
Professor of Clinical Nursing
School of Nursing Health promotion & risk reduction areas of physical activity & weight management. Implementing clinical preventive services. Assessment of certification as an indicator of competence in nursing practice.
Umberson, Debra
Sociology Sociology of mental health, social relationships, medical sociology, gender, aging & the life course, & death & dying
VanderMeulen, Elizabeth
Career Counseling & Placement Coordinator
School of Nursing Women's Health
Velasquez, Mary
Professor, Associate Dean for Research, Director, Center for Social Work Research, Director, Health Behavior Research & Training Institute
School of Social Work Development & implementation of interventions using the Transtheoretical Model of Change & Motivational Interviewing, health behavior interventions including HIV prevention, prenatal health, alcohol & other substance abuse, smoking cessation, & prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Walker, Lorraine
Luci B. Johnson Centennial Professor in Nursing, Director, St. David’s CHPR & Advisory Committee member
School of Nursing Health promotion of childbearing-aged women, psychosocial dimensions of parenting & health in the childbearing years
Warner, David C.
Professor of Public Affairs & Wilbur J. Cohen Professor in Health & Social Policy
LBJ School of Public Affairs Economics, health policy, & health finance, Latin America, Mexico, nonprofit management
Wilcox, Richard
Professor, James T. Doluisio Centennial Fellow & Assistant Dean for Admissions/Advising
Division of Pharmacology & Toxicology Structure-activity relationships for drugs to treat psychiatric & neurological disease & the craving to psychostimulants & ethanol. Cellular & molecular consequences of short-term agonist treatment. Develop improved models for testing pharmacological theory & to provide translation of neurobiological research to public.
Xie, Bo
Associate Professor & St. David’s CHPR Pilot Principal Investigator
School of Nursing Health informatics; e-health literacy; lifelong learning