Dr. Lorraine Walker, Dean Alexa Stuifbergen and Dr. King Davis

Center Investigators

Center Investigators include the principal investigators (PIs) of grants providing the research base of St. David's CHPR. Others may submit their petition to the Center Director for Center Investigator status if they meet two or more of the following criteria:

  1. recipient of funds as PI for research related to health promotion and disease prevention in underserved populations during the last 3 years;
  2. published related research findings in peer-reviewed journals during the last 3 years; and
  3. served on national or international research advisory or peer review groups.

Center Investigators (CIs) are eligible to apply for Expedited Proposal-Enhancement Grants, which support them as they move into the final phase of preliminary work essential to a specific funding application.

List of Center Investigators with Research Title


Research Title

Angel, Ron Health in older Mexican-Americans
Becker, Heather Reproductive decision-making for women with mobility impairments
Brown, Carolyn Understanding cultural/social elements that may impact both quality of care and therapeutic outcomes of patients with chronic illnesses, particularly ethnic minority patients
Brown, Sharon Education and group support for diabetic Hispanics
Carter, Pat Sleep interventions for caregivers
Choi, Namkee Depression and effective psychosocial interventions for depressive symptoms among community-dwelling and institutionalized older adults; disparities in health status/ healthcare utilization, program evaluation, minority aging, and social policy for older adults.
Harrison, Tracie Aging with disabilities
Holleran, Lori K. Substance abuse prevention in adolescents
Horner, Sharon Asthma management in school-age children
Kim, Miyong Community partnered health intervention/ minority health, instrumentation/ comparative epidemiology/ and program evaluation
Padilla, Yolanda Mexican-American child health
Pennebaker, Jamie Interpersonal disclosure processes and health
Rew, Lynn Sexual health of homeless adolescents
Health risk behaviors in school-age youth
Spence, Richard Drug attitudes and behaviors on the US/Mexico border
Steinhardt, Mary Building resilience and strength when challenged with change and stressful situations, adaptation to stress
Stuifbergen, Alexa Health promotion/wellness in persons with chronic, disabling conditions (MS, post-polio, fibromyalgia)
Tanaka, Hirofumi Exercise and aging, applied physiology
Velasquez, Mary Transtheoretical model of change, motivational interviewing, intervention in medical settings, FASD prevention, substance abuse
Walker, Lorraine Overweight status after childbirth
Xie, Bo Health informatics, e-health literacy, lifelong learning
Yoder, Linda Quality of life outcomes and rehabilitation needs for persons with chronic illnesses