A researcher in the Bio-Behavioral Laboratory conducts an experiment.

Pilot Research Grants

Pilot Study Grant Program funds are available annually to provide modest research support for specific projects for faculty members, research scientists, and their co-investigators. The proposal must include one or more faculty investigator(s) from a health-related school (i.e., Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, or Medicine) who fully contribute to the development and implementation of the study as well as interpretation of its findings. The principal investigator must be a fulltime doctorally-prepared faculty or research scientist at The University of Texas at Austin. Priority is given to new researchers and established investigators moving in a distinctly new direction and to projects that can be completed in one year.

2015-16 Pilot Research Grants Form/Document

Pilot Research Grants received by faculty members each year :
Year Name Research Title
2015 De Luca, Susan Developing a Web-Based Intervention for Adolescents in Distress: A Mixed-Methods Study
2015 Steinhardt, Mary Discrimination, Physiological Stress and Metabolic Syndrome in a Multiracial Adult Sample
2014 Ford, Kentya Exploring Culturally-linked Motivational and User-generated Internet-based Communication Strategies Related to Cigar Use and Alteration among African American Young Adults
2014 Johnson, Karen & Salas-Wright, Christopher Examining Hispanic Adolescent Alcohol Use and Health-risk Behavior: The Feasibility of a Biobehavioral Approach
2013 Jang, Yuri If You Build It, Will They Come? Feasibility of an Internet Intervention for Older Ethnic Minorities
2013 Xie, Bo Developing an eHealth Tutorial for Older Adults to Use Online Health Resources
2012 Choi, Namkee A Pilot Study of the Internet-Based Chronic Disease Self-Management Program for Low-Income Homebound Older Adults