A researcher in the Bio-Behavioral Laboratory conducts an experiment.

Pilot Research Grants

The St. David’s Center for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Research in Underserved Populations (St. David’s CHPR) provides pilot seed-monies to full-time faculty and research scientists to conduct small projects deemed necessary to move their programs of research forward. These projects are designed to facilitate interdisciplinary and collaborative research that address health promotion and disease prevention to meet the needs of underserved populations. Funded investigators must submit progress reports and are expected to disseminate their results and seek larger extramural research funding.

St. David’s CHPR expects to make 2 – 3 pilot grant awards in amounts between $10,000 (for more limited projects such as secondary data analysis, translation/instrument testing) to $30,000 (for intervention development or feasibility testing), as funding allows.

2017-18 Pilot Research Grants Form/Document

If you have any questions, please call us at (512) 471-9910 or email us at CHPR@mail.nur.utexas.edu.

Past Recipients of Pilot Research Grants

Pilot Research Grants received by faculty members each year:
Year Name Research Title Award
(Funding Period)
2017 Catherine Cubbin, ShetalVohra-Gupta Longitudinal neighborhood poverty change and racial disparities in birth outcomes $10,985
(3/2/17 – 3/31/18)
2017 Erin Rodriguez, Sharon Horner, Sara Kate Bearman, Lauren Gulbas Development of a Culturally-Competent Coping Skills Intervention Module for low-SES Latino Children with Asthma $25,000
(6/22/17 – 5/31/18)
2017 Julie Zuñiga, Michelle Harrison, Alexandra García Investigating Biomarkers in Persons with Dual Diagnoses of HIV and Diabetes $28,708
(7/1/17 – 6/30/18)
2016 Marge Benham-Hutchins, Sharon A Brown, Erin Donovan, Henry Guevara Bridging the gap: The influence of hospitalization on Hispanic patients’ chronic disease self-management $22,170
(4/16 – 9/17)
2016 Kathrynn Pounders; Brad Love, Lynn Rew, Marla Royne Stafford, Michael Mackert Understanding the impact of gender identity issues on treatment decisions among female adolescents and young adults $17,050
(4/16 – 9/17)
2016 Kavita Radhakrishnan; Lauren Jodi Van Scoy, Miyong Kim, Shubhada Saxena (Social Work & president of South Asian Indian Volunteers’ Association). Community-based conversation game intervention to engage south Asian Indians with advanced care planning: A pilot feasibility study $19,650
(4/16 – 9/17)
2015 Susan De Luca, Cara Young Developing a Web-Based Intervention for Adolescents in Distress: A Mixed-Methods Study $25,000
(1/15 – 8/16)
2015 Mary Steinhardt Discrimination, Physiological Stress and Metabolic Syndrome in a Multiracial Adult Sample $25,000
2014 Kentya Ford Exploring Culturally-linked Motivational and User-generated Internet-based Communication Strategies Related to Cigar Use and Alteration among African American Young Adults $25,000
(1/14 – 8/15)
2014 Karen Johnson & Christopher Salas-Wright Examining Hispanic Adolescent Alcohol Use and Health-risk Behavior: The Feasibility of a Biobehavioral Approach $25,000
(1/14 – 2/15)
2013 Yuri Jang If You Build It, Will They Come? Feasibility of an Internet Intervention for Older Ethnic Minorities $25,000
(2/13 – 2/14)
2013 Bo Xie Developing an eHealth Tutorial for Older Adults to Use Online Health Resources $25,000
(2/13 – 2/14)
2012 Namkee Choi A Pilot Study of the Internet-Based Chronic Disease Self-Management Program for Low-Income Homebound Older Adults $12,500
(6/12 – 5/13)