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2014 St. David’s CHPR Pre-Conference Workshop
Designing and Adapting Health Interventions for Latino Populations

Title: Designing and Adapting Health Interventions for Latino Populations
Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Time: 1:00 - 5:00 PM
Location: NUR 4.180 | School of Nursing | 1710 Red River, Austin, Texas
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Presented By

Dr. Felipe González Castro

Felipe González Castro, PhD, MSW
President, Society for Prevention Research;
Professor and Head of Health Psychology; and
Senior Advisor to the Provost for Engaged Health Disparities Scholarship, Department of Psychology
University of Texas at El Paso

About the Workshop - Preliminary Outline

A workshop for faculty and graduate students who seek to enhance their research to improve health of Hispanic/Latino populations.

  1. Overview of Major Cultural Adaptation Issues and Imperatives
    1. Why the need for the cultural adaptation of a validated evidence-based intervention (EBI)
    2. General issues in the tasks of adaptation
    3. Some caveats and orienting issues
  2. Theories and Models of Cultural Adaptation
    1. Acculturation and assimilation - Concepts and measurement
      1. General theory and key concepts
      2. Measurement of acculturation
      3. Subcultural groups and community segmentation
      4. Acculturation and Hispanic health in Texas
      5. Contemporary trends in acculturation and Hispanic health
    2. Early conceptions and issues
      1. The fidelity-adaptation controversy
      2. Reconciling this controversy
    3. Contemporary multi-stage models and frameworks
      1. Formal multi-stage approaches to adaptation
      2. Streamlining the adaptation process – Gains and compromises
  3. Specific Approaches in Cultural Adaptation
    • Community grounding: Social participatory approach and community engagement
      • Stakeholders, key informants, focus groups, community advisory committees
    • The original EBI – what are the core components?
    • Theory as the core feature of an EBI
    • Meaning of intervention effect size - Maintaining and enhancing it
    • Practical approaches in EBI adaptation - Adaptation and misadaptation
    • Translation and linguistic adaptations of intervention content and activities
    • Challenges in implementation with diverse subcultural groups
      • Recruitment and retention issues
    • Emerging issues in cross-cultural and cross-national adaptations
  4. Issues and Answers in the Tasks of Adaptation
    • What are local issues in efforts at local adaptation?
    • What are some practical limitations?
    • What are best practices and approaches to local adaptation?

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