Research posters

Winners of Student Poster Awards 2017

Graduate Student Poster Award Winners

  • Whitney Thurman
    Title: Does Functional Ability or Health Vary by Geographic Location Among Middle-Aged Women With Mobility Limitations?
    Faculty Sponsor: Tracie Harrison
  • Yen Chen
    Title: The Roles of Subjective Age and Cognitive Abilities in Middle-Aged and Older Women’s Physical Activity and Cognition
    Faculty Sponsor: Carole Holahan

Undergraduate Student Poster Award Winners

  • Casey Luong
    Title: Suicidality in Young Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Review of the Literature
    Faculty Sponsor: Lynn Rew
  • Jane Onyemachi
    Title: Cognitive Impairment and Self-Management in Type 2 Diabetes: An Integrative Review
    Faculty Sponsor: Sharon A. Brown