A student presents her research project results in a poster at the annual conference.


Cultural Competence

The Cultural Competence Checklist, available here, is a tool for use by investigators who want to know if their studies' designs are culturally competent. The tool is adapted from Porter and Villarruel's "Nursing Research with African American and Hispanic People: Guidelines for Action" from a 1993 Nursing Outlook issue.

Download Cultural Competence Checklist (PDF) and Cultural Competence Reference list (PDF).

Below is a list of websites with free language instruction:

Equipment & Software

Below is a list of equipment St. David’s CHPR has or has access to, for use by faculty investigators researching topics with underserved populations.

  • 3991x/1-SCL Biolog hot flash monitor
  • Actigraph
  • Biofeedback game
  • Digital audio recorders
  • GM9 Glucose analyzer
  • Laser pointers
  • Marantz audio recorder
  • Panasonic cassette transcriber plus foot pedal
  • Polysonograph
  • Portable CD/DVD Player (with 2 children’s movies in Spanish)
  • Olympus transcriber plus foot pedal
  • University of Minnesota Nutritional Data System for Research (NDSR)
  • Wireless remote

Please contact St. David’s CHPR if you wish to borrow any of these items, to discuss availability and terms of use, including replacement costs.

Health Promotion Scales

The Barriers to Health Pomoting Activities for Disabled Persons Scale (BHADP) and Self Rated Abilities for Health Practices Scale (SRAHP) have been used by several faculty members in health promotion studies and articles. They have primarily been used in surveys, but may also be used in structured interviews. Information regarding the use of these scales by the public is provided. 

Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Website Sources

The Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Website Sources include resources regarding health promotion information, information about selected diseases and the impact that these have when dealing with underserved populations. St. David’s CHPR provides this information to the public with no endorsements of any particular source. 

Library – Books & Journals

St. David’s CHPR maintains a resource library (NUR 4.166A, 1710 Red River, Austin, Texas) containing information on developing research, writing grants, doing statistical analysis, and also containing current public health information and information on current topics relevant to research with underserved populations. This library is open to UT staff, faculty and St. David’s CHPR affiliates, as an aid to doing work with underserved populations. The library also keeps video recordings of past St. David’s CHPR colloquia.

Translator Directory

The Office of Survey Research (OSR) at The University of Texas has been providing service to faculty at UT and other university, state agencies and non-profit organizations since 1986. OSR can provide any or all of the following services for research projects that have a focus group research component.

  • Focus Group Research Design
  • Recruitment of Participants (including Spanish speaking participants)
  • Focus Group Moderating (English and Spanish)
  • Double Mirror Focus Group Facilities
  • Digital Recording Equipment
  • Ability to Schedule Daytime, Evening, or Weekend Focus Group Sessions
  • Transcription Service
  • Translation Services of Spanish Focus Group Sessions into English
  • Analysis and Reporting

For other translation service email Claude Bonazzo or Yovannah Diovanti (Spanish translator & interpretation on facebook.com). For other transcription services, please visit Pioneer Transcription Services and GMR Transcription Services.