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School of Nursing Staff Directory by Area, Name, Title, Phone, and Room
Area Name Title Phone Room
Area Name Title Phone Room
Administration Acton, Gayle Asst Dean for Graduate Programs 512-475-7334 2.406
Security Al Hilfi, Asaad Guard 512-471-7913 Lobby
LEAP Baker, DeAnna Administrative Assistant 512-471-7961 5.102F
Student Services Barajas, Michelle Sr. Academic Advisor 512-232-4799 2.440
Cain Research Center Becker, Heather Research Scientist 512-471-9097 3.102N
Cain Research Center Bellquist, John Editor IV 512-232-1835 3.102M
LEAP Brady, Ruth Administrative Assistant 512-232-4727 5.196
Research Brown, Richard Research Professor 512-471-8584 5.141
Research Brown, Sharon Research Professor 512-232-4704 5.155
Human Resources Carrington, Charla HR Coordinator 512-471-2062 2.102M
Rew's Research Cauvin, Stacey Program Coordinator 512-232-7595 3.422
Development & External Relations Center, Jasmine Development Associate 512-471-8036 2.102N
Family Wellness Clinic Chavez, Ruperta Sr. Office Assistant 512-232-4707 FWC
LEAP Costa, Lisa Nursing, Community, and Simulation Education Coordinator 512-475-9569 4.121
Development & External Relations Delgado, Sergio Dir for Development 512-471-2628 2.428
Student Services Demchuk, Tracy Asst Dir, Graduate Academic Services 512-471-7927 2.414
Business Services Denson, Jane Sr. Administrative Associate 512-471-9905 2.102P
NightRest Dominguez, Delilah Recruiter-Research Associate 512-475-7505 3.416
LEAP Ehle, Janet Sr. Graphics Artist 512-471-0365 5.198
Children's Wellness Clinic Espinosa, Barbara Medical Assistant 512-386-3335 CWC
Family Wellness Clinic Fisk, Alexandra Administrative Assistant 512-232-3900 FWC
Administration Gaskamp, Carol Asst Dean for Undergraduate Programs 512-232-4789 2.102B
Family Wellness Clinic Gersh, Andie Nurse Practitioner 512-232-3900 FWC
Administration Goldstein, Leigh Director II, LEAP 512-471-7997 4.128
Family Wellness Clinic Guillen, Valeria Medical Assistant 512-232-3900 FWC
NFQR Harrison, Tracie Principal Investigator 512- 471-9085 4.157
TCRSS Hecht, Jacki Managing Director 512-471-9913 2.104A
Children's Wellness Clinic Henson, Elizabeth Nurse Practitioner 512-386-3335 CWC
Administration Hill, Margaret Asst Dean for Administration 512-471-9906 2.102D
Administration Horner, Sharon Assoc Dean for Research 512-232-4710 3.102H
Cain Research Center Horner, Sharon Assoc Dean for Research 512-232-4710 3.102H
LEAP Hudson, Scott Director, Simulation & Skills Labs 512-471-4552 4.121/4.130
Family Wellness Clinic Kelley, Grace Administrative Assistant 512-386-3335 FWC
Cain Research Center King, Wilbert Grants & Contracts Spec 512-232-4760 3.102L
TCRSS Ko, Jisook Soc Sci/H R Assoc III 512-471-4600 2.104AA
Security Koo, Silvana Guard 512-471-7913 Lobby
Research Kullberg, Vicki Soc Sci/H R Assoc IV 512-471-9077 3.424
NightRest Loera, Ana Staff Nurse/Research Nurse 512-475-7505 3.416
Family Wellness Clinic Loika, Elizabeth Nurse Practitioner 512-232-3900 FWC
Children's Wellness Clinic Loika, Elizabeth Nurse Practitioner 512-386-3335 CWC
Administration Martinez, Evelyn Executive Assistant 512-471-4100 2.102F
Children's Wellness Clinic McAvoy, Catherine Public Health Nurse 512-386-3335 CWC
Student Services Morgan, Sherry Student Program Coordinator 512-471-9949 2.412
Administration Morgan, Stephanie Director, Practice Innovation 512-232-4792 4.166E
Research Morrison, Janet Soc Sci/H R Assoc V 512-471-8061 3.420
Academic Programs Morriss, Jeanne Administrative Associate 512-471-7924 2.102E
Family Wellness Clinic Nance, Katie Medical Claims/Billing Representative 512-232-3808 FWC
NightRest Nguyen, Tram Tiffany Soc Sci/H R Asst III 512-471-9907 3.416
Administration Nguyen, Vinh Asst Dean for Student Services 512-232-6577 2.436
Family Wellness Clinic Ortiz, Victoria Nurse Practitioner 512-232-3900 FWC
TCRSS Plack, Kelli Administrative Associate 512-471-7236 2.104
NightRest Rangel, Angelica Research Associate 512-471-9907 3.416
Center for Excellence Reddick, Sherry Assistant Director 512-232-4768 2.104M
LEAP Rijal-Trimble, Prati Webmaster 512-471-1359 5.102H
NFQR Rios, Carla Program Coordinator 512-232-4734 2.104M
Student Services Ruiz, Yaritza Academic Program Coordinator 512-471-5237 2.424
Student Services Sanchez, Shirley Asst Dir, Undergraduate Academic Services 512-232-4787 2.432
Research Sellers, Ann Soc Sci/ H R Associate I  512-471-9462 3.416
Student Services Rajagopalan, Meera Student Program Coordinator 512-471-8563 2.438
Administration Stuifbergen, Alexa Dean 512-471-4100 2.102FA
LEAP Suarez, Mayra Nursing Simulation and Skills Coordinator 512-471-9062 4.121
Administration Taxis, Carole Graduate Advisor 512-232-4784 4.125
Cain Research Center Taylor, Cindy Grants & Contracts Spec 512-232-4710 3.102K
Student Services Thaler, Katy Asst Dir, Clinical and Compliance Services 512-471-8246 2.434
Research Thomas, Kathy Richards Senior Research Scientist 512-232-3492 3.404
Administration Timmerman, Gayle Assoc Dean for Academic Affairs 512-471-9087 2.102C
Children's Wellness Clinic Vallejo, Alice Sr. Office Assistant 512-386-3335 CWC
Children's Wellness Clinic Vega, Sandra Staff Nurse I 512-386-3335 CWC
Student Services Wahl, Allison Asst Dir, Career & Recruitment Services 512-471-5451 2.422
NightRest Wang, Yanyan Research Affiliate - Postdoctoral 512-475-7505 3.416
LEAP White, Sean Instructional Technology Specialist 512-232-9262 5.194A
Business Services Whitefield, Rachel Administrative Associate 512-471-1945 2.102N
Development & External Relations Wiley, Kathryn Director of Communications 512-471-9908 2.426
RGV-Prevention Winter, Mary Soc Sci/H R Assoc V 512-232-4721 3.450