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Sherry Hendrickson, PhD, APRN, BC | Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing

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Phone: 512 471-9079
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Office: NUR 5.152
The University of Texas at Austin, School of Nursing
1710 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78712

Dr. Hendrickson is an Associate Professor of Adult Health and Public Health Nursing. Her research is focused on underserved populations. Research interests include: Spanish-speaking populations, reducing childhood injury/improving parental home safety behaviors, women’s experiences with disability and care of transgender clients. As the Primary Investigator she has conducted home visits and in-home safety interventions with low-income mothers, and conducted Hispanic father’s focus groups to discuss protecting children in the home. Currently, as a Co-Investigator with Dr. Lorraine Walker she brings expertise in chronic disease prevention and Spanish fluency to a proposed R01 study to “(1) develop and validate a multi-dimensional, brief scale for valid and efficient screening assessment of behavioral and mental health (B&MH) that is suitable for low-income, ethnically diverse postpartum women, and (2) in partnership with low-income postpartum women, develop electronic versions of this new screening scale that can be used on multiple platforms (i.e., computers, tablets, and smart phones) to accommodate new mothers’ preferences for electronic access to a brief B&MH screening scale”. Dr. Hendrickson has also collaborated with Dr. Tracie Harrisonon a R01 study examining women’s experience of disablement. Dr, Hendrickson conducted interviews with those participants who wished to be interviewed in Spanish. Dr. Hendrickson's work originates from 40 years experience including Peace Corps, neuroscience nursing, injury and chronic disease prevention and education.


  • March 2011: Nominated: Nursing Innovations in Nursing Education Award
  • May 2009: UTSON Faculty Writing Award - Non-tenure track
  • February 2007: Best Poster Award – Evidence To Guide Practice: “Comparison of a RN or promotora-delivered intervention study with monolingual clients”. Co-authored with Jacquelyn C. Williams, DSN, APRN, BC, at the 8th EBP National/International Conference, Phoenix, AZ
  • April 2006: UTSON Faculty Writing Award - Non-tenure track
  • April 2004: Alumni Award UTSON, Research - Non-tenure track
  • Sept. 2001: Luci Baines Johnson Fellowship in Nursing
  • Dec. 2000: Outstanding PhD in Nursing Graduating Student Award Integrated Scholarly Portfolio

Primary Investigator

  • “Hispanic Father’s Focus Groups: A Family approach to Protecting Children in the Home”. Special Research Grant, UT Office of Research Support $750.
  • “A Parenting Home Safety Intervention for Low Income Pre- School Hispanic Children DHHS-National Institutes Of Health Proposal” Submitted for review June 2008, OSP #200801188.
  • "Delivery of a community-based home-safety intervention utilizing promotora networks in Central Texas and southern New Mexico", Southwest Partnership Center, UTSON, 2003-2004, $15,000.
  • "Follow-Up Calls on Home Safety in a Low-Income Community," Internal funding.
  • "The Relationship of Depression Scores and Risk of Unintentional Childhood Injury," Internal funding.


  • “Home Safety Behaviors in Low Income Mothers of 1-3 Year Old Children,” Motorola Small Grants Program (one of five awarded from 37 applicants), 1997, $3,500.

Project Director

  • "Promoting Helmet Use to Prevent Death and Disabling Injuries in Children: The 'Helmet Your Head' Education Intervention," Biomedical Research Grant, UTSON, 1992-1993, with Dr. Barbara Conrad, $2,995.60.

Co-Principal Investigator

  • "Psychosocial and Behavioral Health and Communication Technology Preferences of New Mothers," January 2014 – July 2015, with Dr. Lorraine O. Walker, Intramural.
  • “Health Disparities in Mexican American Women with Disabilities,” June 2008 – May 2012, with Dr. Tracie Harrison (R01 NR010360), $1.3 million.
  • “Mexican-American Mothers’ Experience Around Early Childhood Home Safety Issues”, May 2005- May 2006. Southwest Partnership Center, UTSON, with Dr. J. Williams, $15,000.
  • "Promoting Helmet Use to Prevent Death and Disabling Injuries in Children," Centers for Disease Control, the Texas Office of Prevention of Developmental Disabilities Grant, 1993-1994, with Dr. Heather Becker, $14,000.
  • "Factors Affecting Parental Decisions to Promote Injury Prevention and Bicycle Helmet Use," 1995 with Dr. H. Becker.

Refereed Articles

  • In review: "Behavioral and Psychosocial Health of New Mothers and Associations with Contextual Factors and Perceived Health" by Lorraine O. Walker, EdD, MPH; Bo Xie, PhD; Sherry G. Hendrickson, PhD, APRN, BC; Bobbie S. Sterling, PhD, RN.
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