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Distinguished Graduates Fall 2008

Posted: July 30, 2008

Eric Kurkowski

Eric Kurkowski
Outstanding Graduating BSN Student

Eric Kurkowski is the recipient of the Outstanding Graduating BSN Student award. While a student at UT, Eric held leadership positions in UTNSA, serving as Breakthrough to Nursing Coordinator and as President. He served as a nursing student representative on the School of Nursing Disaster Preparedness Committee and the UT Student Senate. He was a member of the Longhorn Association of Men in Nursing, the UT Student Senate Presidents’ Council and the UT Student Council to the Provost. He was involved with a number of volunteer projects, such as the Longhorn School Bus Nursing School Coordinator, American Red Cross Hurricane Ike Disaster Relief and helped coordinate several health/fitness events.

Eric’s leadership and communication skills were recognized by his faculty and an employer. One of his references commented on his ability to lead by example and his motivation to initiate and empower others to do the best of their abilities. Another mentioned that his communication style, combined with his sense of humor and courteous nature only add to his impressive communication skills.