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Posted: March 22, 2011

Nf347 | Sexuality and Health

This course will allow you to learn a developmental perspective of sexual health; explore the influences of history, tradition and culture on sexuality; and examine effect of illness on human sexuality and interventions to promote sexual health.

Unique: 93475
Meets: TTH 9a-1p in NUR 1.110
Instructor: Johnson

Download Nf347 PDF Flyer (PDF)

Nf309 | Global Health

This course provides students with an overview of global health. Particular emphasis is given to the determinants of health, health indicators, human rights, globalization, current socio-cultural factors, healthcare and public health systems.

This course meets requirements for the academic flag in Global Cultures.

Unique: 93450
Meets: TTH 1-5p in NUR 1.106
Instructors: Garcia and Walker

Download Nf309 PDF Flyer

Ns323| Genetics in Health Care

Advances in genetic technologies are revolutionizing health care. This course will explore the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of genetic disorders or predisposition on individuals and their families.

Unique: 93610
Meets: MW 9a-1p in NUR 1.116
Instructor: Keizman

Download Nf323 PDF Flyer

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