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School of Nursing Bids Farewell to Librarian Nancy Hall

Posted: Aug. 31, 2012

Nancy Hall

Nancy Hall

A great many things have changed since Nancy Hall, media coordinator/librarian, came to the School of Nursing 37 years ago.

“I’ve seen three deans during my time here,” she said. “I came before there were computers or laptops. Back then, I created card catalogues on a mainframe, and we used to set up 16-millimeter projectors for students to view films. It was quite primitive in many ways.”

Hall took a moment recently from packing up nearly four decades of memories to reminisce about the faculty, staff and students she has known and the many changes she has witnessed at the school.

“The only current faculty members who were here before me are Jan Fox, instructor in clinical nursing, and Lorraine Walker, professor. The only other one who was here before me was Joy Penticuff, who is now director of the nursing program at Concordia University,” she added.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma University and a master’s in library science from The University of Texas at Austin, Hall took a job with the Texas School for the Blind as a media librarian in 1974. She credits this experience in media with getting her the job at the School of Nursing. Since then, she’s known and worked with a lot of students, some of whom she occasionally runs into during doctor appointments.

Over the short-term, Hall plans to spend time with her daughter who is in town on vacation from her job as an English teacher in Moscow, Russia. Afterwards, Hall plans to garden and take care of her three poodles and is considering volunteering with animals and reconnecting with friends over games of bridge.

“I’ll miss the School,” she said. “I’ve really enjoyed my time here. The faculty and staff are wonderful. And the students have been so nice and thoughtful. But of course, that shouldn’t come as a surprise: Nurses are caring people.”

Asked if she had any final words, Hall tilted her head and thought for a moment before replying: “Thanks! Thank you, everyone, for all the good years.”