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School of Nursing Receives New Resources: Generous gift from a donor enables the purchase of oncology nursing books

Posted: May 1, 2013

Kate Bell holding books

Kate Bell with books purchased with funds from
T. J. Farnsworth.

“Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!”

You often hear this maxim spoken as a warning, but for Kate Bell, AE-MSN student, it turned out to be a very good thing — both for her and the School of Nursing.

Several months ago, Bell spoke to the School of Nursing’s Advisory Council about her experiences as an Archer Fellow during the summer of 2012 and about her many opportunities to advocate on behalf of better health care for cancer patients as an intern with the Oncology Nursing Society. Afterwards, the audience had a chance to ask her questions.

“Someone — I wasn’t sure who at the time — asked, if money were no object, what would I wish to see purchased for the School of Nursing,” Bell said. “That was easy. I said, ‘Oncology books! Lots of them!’”

Not too many weeks later, the School of Nursing received a check from Advisory Council Member T. J. Farnsworth for $1,200 to be used for oncology books for the Learning Center.

Farnsworth is a University of Texas at Austin alumnus and chairman and chief executive officer at SightLine Health, a national health-care company in Houston, Texas, that builds and operates patient-focused facilities that provide advanced, noninvasive treatment options for cancer using cutting-edge technologies.

For Bell, the purchase of the new books was almost a dream come true.

“I hope these books are just the beginning of an extensive resource and that they inspire students who otherwise might not have thought about going into oncology nursing,” she said.

After graduation later this month, Bell plans to continue her study of oncology. “I would really like to work in a research setting,” she said. “I envision working somewhere like M.D. Anderson Cancer Center or the National Institutes of Health. And because of these new resources at the School of Nursing, I am confident that others will be able to do the same one day.”

The oncology nursing books can be found in the School of Nursing’s Learning Center.