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Featured Summer 2013 Courses

Posted: March 13, 2013

Freshman Signature Course:
UGSf303 | Stress Management

This course will allow you to learn about the impact of stress on your life and the lives of those around you. Explore the impact that stress has on human physical and emotional health, behaviors, and performance abilities. Learn methods for enhancing positive health and reducing unnecessary stress through a variety of relaxation, self-regulation, and stress management strategies.

Lecture: TWTH 230-430p in MEZ B0.306
Discussion: M 10-1130a or M 1-230p or M 230-4p in MAI 220B
Instructor: Dr. Rosa Schnyer

Download UGSf303 Flyer (PDF)

Freshman Signature Course:
UGSs303 | Weighty Issues: Why Weight Matters in Our Society and What to do About It

This course will explore issues related to weight from personal, social, and cultural perspectives as well as investigate life skills for managing weight.

Lecture: TWTH 1-3p in SZB 330
Discussion: M 830-10a or M 10-1130a or M 1-230p in SZB 380
Instructors: Dr. Gayle Timmerman

Download UGSs303 Flyer (PDF)

Extension Course:
N309 Global Health

Do you need a Global Cultures flag? Are you working or taking community college classes and need N309? The N309 summer extension class may be the answer to your needs. Anyone can take this extension class and no prerequisites are required. N309 and a Global Cultures flag—the easy way!

Download N309 Flyer (PDF)

Spanish Courses:
Nf354 and Ns354 Spanish for Health Care Professionals

This course is designed for students in nursing who want to learn basic phrases in Spanish as related to their daily activities. This course is not a Spanish language class per se, but is designed to teach nursing students how to do specific tasks in Spanish. Carries the flag for Cultural Diversity.

Download N354 Flyer (PDF)

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