Public Health - Learning Center Resources

Poster Collection

A large collection of laminated posters on many subjects is available in a large gray poster cabinet located at the front of the Learning Center in the same area as the couch and the student phone.

The best collections are in nutrition, dental health and childbirth. The posters can be checked out at the Reserve Desk for 2 weeks.

Video Collection

There are a few health teaching videocassettes especially in the childbirth area. Browse the collection either in the L.C. or online.

Clinical Equipment

(Click on the links below for picture)

  1. Public Health Bags - black cloth bag with UTSN emblem and clinical supplies needed for a home visit.
  2. Oto-ophthalmoscopes
  3. Blood pressure cuffs
  4. Teaching stethoscopes
  5. Eyecharts - Sim Lab
  6. Doppler (fetal heart beat) - Sim Lab
  7. Digital Baby scale
  8. Acu-check (Diabetes check) - Sim Lab
  9. Denver Kit


3-dimensional food models - at Reserve Desk

Stick puppets
Eye, Brain, Heart models
Your Dental Health Chart; Large teeth
Baby Dolls - Sim Lab
With Child Chart (Pregnancy). Birth Atlas.

Breastfeeding Chart

Blacklight/Glo Germ/Handwashing. Sim Lab
Breast and Testicular Models - Reserve Desk

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Chart


Food Models

Included are the following foods: 8 oz milk, orange juice, and apples juice, green beans, spinach, pears, strawberries, potatoes, crackers, hamburger, bread, beans, taco, chicken, and many others.