Nursing Research/Theory - assessment tests and measures

Students often need a copy of a specific assessment test, questionnaire or other health and psychosocial instrument. These tests are often difficult to find free of charge and most commonly have to be purchased from a vendor.  Below is a list of resources where you will either find a particular test full text or where you will find the source of the test.  Sometimes you can e-mail the author of the test and he/she may e-mail you a copy.

These instruments are generally copyrighted and should not be copied or used in a study without express permission from the author or the owner of the copyright of the instrument.


CINAHL Research Instruments

CINAHL currently indexes 256 research instruments. Some of the instruments are full text in CINAHL. Most are descriptions of the instrument that include authors, a detailed abstract, and how to obtain the instrument. 

In order to find a particular instrument do a title search.

In order to find all instruments:

  1. In the "Search Options" area scroll down to the Publication Type box.
  2. Scroll down to Research Instrument and click it.
  3. Next, click the Search button at the top of the page.

Research Instruments in CINAHL (PDF document)*

*Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDf files. Click here to Download Adobe Reader - 7.0 or later.


Use PsycINFO to find articles about published and unpublished measures as well as actual measures included in articles and compendia sources. PsycINFO covers 1887 - present, indexing and abstracting the professional and academic literature of psychology and related disciplines. Its coverage is worldwide and includes references and abstracts of journals in 20+ languages, books, book chapters, and dissertations. Find examples of assessments in journal articles by doing the following type of search:

1st Search Box:  test OR assessment OR scale OR questionnaire OR measure OR survey
2nd Search Box:  eating disorders  [your topic]

  • Choose the "TESTS AND MEASURES" field limiter available in the drop down menu adjacent to the search box if searching a particular test. The data in this field are test names, and the test names are listed if the test is used in the methodology of a study or a screeening instrument, or if the test is the subject of an article or literature review.

Mental Measurements Yearbook

This database can be used to find published tests. In it you will find 1) reviews and descriptions on tests and measures and 2) publishing information about tests (location and purchase information). This database does not have the full text of instruments and tests.

Use the MMY for finding information on PUBLISHED (i.e. Restricted) tests. Contact the publisher for pricing, qualifications and other questions you may have.

PCL Collection of Psychological and Research Instruments

The Perry Castenada Library has a collection of over 500 full text psychological and research instruments. These instruments are located in the Periodicals Room and are indexed in Library Catalog. Do a Title search, for example, a title search for "Children's Depression Inventory" brings up the following results:

Children's depression inventory. / Kovacs, Maria. / Toronto, Ontario / 1992 PSYCH TEST 504 Periodicals Desk PCL Level 2 USE IN LIBRARY ONLY

The call number of this test is PSYCH TEST 504. You would go to the Circulation/Reserves Desk and request this number. You will have to view the test behind the circulation desk. It cannot be copied or taken out of the building.

UT Austin's Tests and Assessments Research Guide

This page was put together by Susan Macicak, social sciences bibliographer, to help students locate psychological and educational tests and measures.  It is a detailed listing of resources online and in the library and has information about copyright and use issues.