Innovation Projects

App and Digital Library- Using GuideVue for Diabetes Continuing Education Curriculum

GuideVue is a digital health platform that serves as an educational and evaluation tool for CHWs to use with clients to improve health decision making and behavior change. The platform will include multimedia messages translated from clinical guidelines, and will be accessible on mobile devices.

This digital health platform will provide CHWs additional tools to reach high risk populations, including low-income, low literacy, and linguistically-isolated communities. Additionally, the software will enable communication between CHWs and their supervisors in real-time. There will also be a user feedback component that allows for iterative refinement of the program to best meet the needs of ethnically diverse communities.

Gamification to improve self-management and research data collection

The corner stone of this project is an interactive digital e-health game prototype to improve self-management knowledge and behaviors among individuals living with diabetes. This game will also serve to help researchers understand the effectiveness of gamification on health care. The game prototype serves as an educational tool and provides a mechanism to change individual habits.

A specific example: players earn coins in the game whenever they submit their blood sugar or blood pressure measures. Coins can then be used to buy water and fertilizer to care for the player's garden in the game. The goal is to motivate continued disease self-management activities. There will be two culturally tailored versions of the game, one customized for Latinos and the other for Korean-Americans.