Aid for 80


As a group striving to be a catalyst for change, we established Aid for 80 in the Fall of 2012. Originally a clothing and food drive, we pushed hard to raise donations that first year while the project was still in its infancy. After partnering with multiple agencies and organizations as well as relying on the amazing support from our members, we ended up raising over 1,500 articles of clothing between the first two semesters! The project was proving to be a massive undertaking, so we decided to make some changes that would lead us to a more efficient project beginning in the Fall of 2013.

Aid for 80 Logo


Aid for 80 became Aid.480. While the lingo has not changed much, the entire structure of the project has. After demolishing our initial goal to clothe 80 needy Austinites for the year, we decided to aim a lot higher (while not being much more creative) and strive to clothe 480 Austinites a year! We also decided to focus solely on clothing. Clothing, especially in the fall and winter months, is an extremely important area of need for many local residents and often creates a foundation for an overall healthy life. This is where you come in.

Get Involved

We ask that you support our endeavor of clothing Austinites by donating clothes (of all colors, shapes and sizes) individually or creating an event/project to raise and donate clothes collectively. To donate individually, you can bring clothes to any meeting, office hours, or drop them off in our donation box outside our office door (NUR 3.312).

We also highly encourage other organizations to get involved as well and would love to work with you in any way on this project. In the past, we’ve had organizations, such as the Undergraduate Business Council and the Pharmacy Council as well as Kinsolving Residence Hall and our own UT School of Nursing, partner with us and raise much-needed clothes. If you would like to partner with UTNSA and our project, Aid.480, please contact us!

Changing lives: one piece of clothing at a time…