Contact Us

We are located in the School of Nursing in room 3.312. The office is in the student lounge area right across from O's Cafe. Below is the list of current UTNSA Officers with their title, name, email address and office hours.


Liana Lo Chau
Fri 11-12

Vice President
Brandy Couchot
Thur 11-12

Financial Director
Jennifer Osita
Mon 12-1

Events Director
Ashley Letbetter
Thur 2-3

BTN Director
Melissa Mersch
Wed 12-1

Administrative DirectorTiffany Lin
Tues 11-12

Senate Rep
Taylor Webb
Thur 3-4pm

SG Representative
Kelsey Mumford
Tues 3:30-4:30

Faculty Advisor

Gerri Hoffman and Linda Murphy

Ways to Stay Connected

There are 4 easy ways to get hold of us:

  • Email UTNSA Officers
  • Visit UTNSA Officers during office hours
  • Follow us on UTNSA Facebook
  • Subscribe to UTNSA Listserv

UTNSA Listserv

In order to effectively communicate with the members, UTNSA has set up an email listserv. Subscribe to the UTNSA listserv by following the steps below:

  1. Visit UTNSA Mailing List.
  2. Type your email address, click submit, & you are done!

You will receive a message stating you have successfully subscribed to the listserv. If you have any problems subscribing, contact UTNSA Officers for assistance.

To unsubscribe visit the UTNSA Unsubscribe page.

Note: You may use following email in order to send notices or messages to the listserv. Keep all messages appropriate to ALL subscribers. Personal messages should be addressed to the individual and NOT THE LISTSERV.