Group picutre of the University of Texas Nursing Students' Association

Welcome to UTNSA!

The University of Texas Nursing Students' Association (UTNSA) is the premier nursing student organization of The University of Texas at Austin as well as our very own UT School of Nursing. We are a diverse group of Longhorn nursing students, both pre-nursing and upper division.

Our Aim

  • To promote ties among nursing students of all levels.
  • To build lasting connections with the faculty at UT Austin and other state and national nursing organizations.
  • To strengthen the professional standards among students as future members of the nursing profession.

With that being said, we also like to have fun! UTNSA hosts numerous volunteer and social events that allow our members to interact and work together, all the while strengthening friendships that will last beyond our academic careers. We also provide many opportunities to serve the Austin area and give back to the community we (if only briefly) call home. Our biweekly meetings, with details located on UTNSA Calendar, are a great place to start if you are looking to get involved!

Our Mission

Aid.480 Project: Donating clothes to Austinites in need.

Visit Aid.480 page to learn about our annual clothing drive and find out how you can help.

Image highlighting the UTNSA's mission

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