Become a Member

To be a member, you must do the following:

Members can purchase a UTNSA shirt for $10.

We are utilizing a new 'family' system to encourage networking and inter-professional ties, so new members can expect to be placed in a family! This year's theme: Hogwarts Houses.

Active Membership

Why just be a member when you can be active!

We very much support our active members and provide a few perks, such as the chance to travel with us to the annual TNSA State and NSNA National Conventions, so you do not want to miss out!

To be an active member, you must attend following events per semester:

  1. Attend 3 UTNSA Meetings per semester
  2.  Attend 3 Social Events per semester
  3. Attend 6 Hours  Service/Volunteering Events per semester
  4. Pay dues of $20 per semester, or $35 annually

Monitor your membership status by visiting our UTNSA Point Sheet.