Our Goals

We as members of the community of the School of Nursing exist in the space where health care and education meet. Our program lives and breathes in the community—on the 40 acres and beyond. We believe that our School should not only be a reflection of our community, but a projection of the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion.

As an academic unit of the University of Texas at Austin, our goals are aligned with campus initiatives. As an accredited school of undergraduate and graduate nursing, our goals are aligned with the accrediting bodies. As a school that prepares students to meet standards for professional licensure, we incorporate goals of the licensing board (Texas Board of Nursing) in our curriculum. And most importantly, as a leader in health care education, we incorporate evidence-based nursing science into the formation of all of our missions, including the promotion of a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment.

There is a wealth of research that reinforces the idea that expanding diversity and inclusion in our healthcare workforce improves health outcomes, work environment, and overall community health. See the resources below to understand why we feel this is an important mission for the School of Nursing.