Compliance Package for New Students

Compliance Package for New Students

TB Testing - This test can be administered by your Physician or at Austin Public Health Department (IGRA test $20) or University Health Services (UHS) IGRA test – Cost depends on Insurance Provider. Call to make an appointment and inquire about fees.

Skin Testing - This test, called a purified protein derivative (PPD) test, involves injecting a solution with a small amount of an inactivated portion of TB bacteria just beneath the surface of the skin, usually on the inside of the forearm. The person returns in 48-72 hours to have the reaction on the arm “read”.

Blood Tests - This test is known as an interferon gamma release assay (IGRA). Blood tests simplify TB testing, because they do not require a return trip to read the test reaction, and they are not affected by prior immunization with BCG vaccine. Two approved types provide similar results: Quantiferon Test (QFT) and the T-Spot.

First-Aid and American Heart Association (AHA) – Basic Life Support BLS (CPR) is an instructor-led and video-based course that teaches students critical skills in First Aid and (AHA) BLS CPR to manage an emergency or until emergency medical services arrive. Skills covered in this course include First Aid; AHA (BLS) CPR; use of an AED for adult, child and infant; choking relief in adults and infants; and to promptly recognize a life-threatening emergency.

These courses consist of lecture, discussions, video demonstrations, safety education, and practical work as suggested by OSHA, National Safety Council, and the American Heart Association. These courses are mandatory for all students enrolled in the nursing program at the UT Austin School of Nursing.

If you currently hold an American Heart Association (AHA only) – BLS Provider (CPR) or (AHA or American Red Cross) First- Aid Certification, then only sign up for the course you need for compliance. Online courses are not accepted as completion of the above-stated courses.

Nurse and Patient Safety (8:30 – 10:30 am) will be offered at the beginning of each class, followed by First-Aid (10:40 am – 12:30 pm), then BLS-CPR (1:00 – 4:30 pm). You may need to leave and return, depending on what certification you require. 


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*Additional fees may be incurred if compliance is not met by the start of school.

Cost: $70 (All 3 classes are included at this price). 

Visit the BLS (CPR), or First Aid Certification or Nurse/Patient Safety if you need to only register for the individual classes.

Please bring a lunch if planning on attending all day.
Refrigerator and microwaves are available on the 5th floor (NUR 5.102F) in the student lounge.
Cafés are located nearby at the UT Medical School, Dell Med Hospital, and Health Transformation Building (HTB).

Course Registration Process

STEP 1 – SIGN UP: Participants, please check upcoming class schedule and secure your spot by enrolling in the class.

Enroll in a Nursing Compliance for New Students Course: All 3 Courses

Once enrolled, return to this page and complete the payment process – Step 2.

STEP 2 – PAYMENT: After you have enrolled, please make payment using the link below.

UT STUDENT – Click here to make payment - $70

Contact: Please email, and we will respond within 24hours.