Carole Taxis

Carole Taxis
PhD, RN, CNE Clinical Associate Professor

NUR 4.125

Adult Health
Curriculum & Instruction Ethics


Dr. Taxis is a Clinical Associate Professor at The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses concentrating on nursing education, nursing ethics, and diverse topics focused in psychosocial aspects of nursing practice.

Her research interests include the delivery of culturally congruent care, particularly at end-of-life, and the diversification of the nursing workforce to include increased numbers of men and people of color.  She is the recipient of the Dean’s Excellence Clinical Faculty Award for Professional Writing and Publications (2007), Dean’s Excellence Award for Research for Clinical Faculty (2005) and Texas Exes Texas Teaching Award (2003 and 2011). In 2015 she was named as a Senior Provost Teaching Fellow, serving as a consultant and coach, assisting faculty across the UT campus to implement evidence-based innovative teaching strategies.