Maria Luisa Echavarria

Maria Luisa Echavarria
PhD Assistant Professor of Instruction

NUR 5.163

Adult Health Public Health
Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. María Luisa is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Spanish & Portuguese Dept. where she teaches medical Spanish to students from across disciplines, as well as a variety of language courses. Her professional interest focuses on understanding cultural differences to improve intercultural communication, in business, healthcare and education. Her local volunteering is focused on serving families with kids with disabilities in accessing health and education services through Vela She is fluent in five languages, and holds a master's in Spanish Language & Culture, a master's in public administration, and a BA in economics. María Luisa was born in Medellín, Colombia, attended college in England, held managerial positions in international commercial banking in New York City, and raised two adult children in Austin, Texas.