Sheri Innerarity

Sheri Innerarity
PhD, APRN, ACNS, FNP, FAANP Clinical Associate Professor

NUR 5.145

Advanced Practice
Acute Care Chronic Disease/Disability Clinical Nurse Specialist Family Nursing Practitioner


Dr. Sheri Innerarity has been on the UT School of Nursing faculty since 1989. Since 1995, her teaching assignments have been mostly to the Graduate Students at UT School of Nursing. In July of 2015 she was appointed as Chair of the newly developed APRN Division at the UT School of Nursing through 2018. In October 2014, she was appointed to the Advisory Committee for the Board of Nursing in Texas as the NP Education representative. In May of 2015, she won the Service Award for The University of Texas School of Nursing.

She is actively involved with Texas Nurse Practitioners and is currently on the TNP Board of Directors as Vice President, from 2015-2019, and was a previous BOD member 2008-2012. She Chairs the TNP Education Committee (since 2008), and plans the TNP Annual Fall Conference and TNP Spring Pharmacology Conference. Dr. Innerarity also Chairs the Practice Solutions Committee for TNP, where TNP committee members, who have a variety of practice experiences, answer questions for Texas APRNs, as well as other Health Care Professionals, answer questions about the rules of the Texas BON, the Texas BME, and other practice questions. Dr. Innerarity was awarded the 2014 American Association of Nurse Practitioners Clinical Excellence Award, for her clinical practice in Texas. She received the TNP President’s Award in September of 2016, for her service to TNP. In June of 2017 she was inducted as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Her academic and research interests include symptom management in patients with chronic diseases, such as Heart Failure. She is also interested in acute illnesses in adults, fluid, electrolyte and acid base issues, and renal disease. Her primary interests are clinical, and she has practiced as an APRN since 1981 (as an Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist) and since 1996 as an FNP. Her current clinical practice includes work as a FNP and Adult Health CNS for Dr. Rob Dougherty in Bastrop, TX, where she manages the care of mostly adult patients with chronic illness, and women’s health and also care of their patients in the local long-term care facilities. In addition, she supervises clinical practice as a preceptor with APRN graduate students in a variety of acute and specialty settings.

Other interests include advanced practice legislative issues and she testified on behalf of APRNs in Texas, at the Board of Nursing’s Sunset Review, in 2016 and in 2018 related to Full Practice Authority. Dr. Innerarity has worked as an Expert Witness in nursing and APRN nursing negligence and malpractice cases since 1991.  She lectures regularly on issues related to Documentation and Communication of Critical Incidents in Acute Care, nursing negligence, APRN practice and legal issues. She also lectures on Legal issues for Advanced Practice Nurses, and Documentation and Coding for APRNs. Her personal interests include reading for pleasure, golf, live music at the Bugle Boy- a Listening Room in La Grange- and dancing. She is lives in Bastrop County, in Upton Community, with her husband Robb Schreiner, a retired PA, and 2 rather large dogs--Cotton, an Akbash, and Ruby, a golden/pyr, as well as 4 cats—Karma, Jezibel, Malarkey, and Shenanigan. She has 2 daughters in the Austin area-- Alysabeth, and Aly, and 4 grandchildren, Georgia, Cedar, Avery and Camille--and step-daughter Helen Waters, in Brooklyn.