“Without a nurse, a hospital bed is just a bed”

Michelle Wright, PhD, RN, FAAN, assistant professor, is co-author of an article in the January online issue of Ms. Magazine highlighting the importance of having a highly skilled nursing staff during the pandemic. The article grew out of an article headline that Dr. Wright read stating that hospitals were going to start rationing nurses.

“It really bothers me that media and administrators frequently describe nurses as pieces of equipment and discuss nurse rationing in the same sentence with rationing ventilators and other equipment,” she said. “So, I asked my social media friends about collaborating on a response. Kelly Potter, a PhD candidate, volunteered because one of her goals is to work on building up her science-communication skills for the public. She took the lead and I helped guide her through the publication steps. We made a great team and are so proud to use our collective voice to reinforce to the public that nurses are valuable and skilled professionals, not pieces of equipment.”

Read the "Without a Nurse, a Hospital Bed Is Just a Bed" article published in the January online issue of Ms. Magazine.

March 9, 2021