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Undergraduate Student Research

The Undergraduate Nursing Honors Program offers honors students the opportunity to gain valuable research experience under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor. Once their research is complete, honors students must summarize their work in a professional style written report and publically present their findings.

Click on the project title to download the research. All undergraduate research projects are in PDF format.

List of 2016 Undergraduate Research Projects

Project Title



Effects of Religious Commitment and Parental Monitoring on Substance Use in Adolescents Baker, Olivia Rew, Lynn
Multiple Factors Influencing Weight in Caregivers of Children with Disabilities Galloway, Kaitlin Rew, Lynn
Differences in Health Promoting Behaviors and Quality of Life between Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis who Have a Second Diagnosis and those without one Gary, Alexandra Becker, Heather
Student Perceptions of Importance Level of Sleep Promotion Message Content Gettel, Dayna Carter, Pat
College Student Preference for Sleep Promotion Information Delivery Platforms Kercher, Courtney Carter, Pat
Family Cohesion, Family Adaptability, and Family Strengths of Adolescents with Cancer Leung, Allison Kintner, Eileen
In their Own Words: Rural Adolescent Stressors and Relationship to Depressive Symptoms Lo Chau, Liana Young, Cara
Self-Management Interventions for Youth with Type 1 Diabetes: A Systematic Review of the Literature Lowenfield, Meghan Brown, Sharon
Emotional Experiences of Mothers of Newborns Admitted to the NICU Queralt, Andrea Sterling, Bobbie
Evaluation of Nursing Student Pre-Test Anxiety Related to Performance Examinations: A Course Evaluation Shell, Rachel Goldstein, Leigh
Resource friendly interventions that foster maternal–infant attachment in high-risk infants: a systematic review Ward, Heather Sumpter, Danica