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Undergraduate Student Research

The Undergraduate Nursing Honors Program offers honors students the opportunity to gain valuable research experience under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor. Once their research is complete, honors students must summarize their work in a professional style written report and publically present their findings.

Click on the project title to download the research. All undergraduate research projects are in PDF format.

List of 2018 Undergraduate Research Projects

Project Title



The Effect of Social Connectedness and Substance Use on Young, Homeless Women's Quality of Life Frazier, Brennan Rew, Lynn
The Validity of Acanthosis Nigracans Screening on Determining Insulin Resistance Jiang, Yue Luna Horner, Sharon
Correlation Between Depressive Symptoms, Self-Efficacy, and Empowerment in Mexican Americans with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Le, Kristy Garcia, Alexandra
Stress, Substance Use, and Risky Sexual Behavior Among Homeless Adolescent Youth Lineberry, Sydney Rew, Lynn
Therapeutic Strategies to Reduce Secondary Lung Damage in Preterm Infants Moghe, Meghan Horner, Sharon
Cognitive Impairment and Self-Management in Type 2 Diabetes: An Integrative Review Onyemachi, Jane Brown, Sharon
Accuracy and Readability of Consumer Oriented Health Information Websites for Pregnant Mothers with Breast Cancer Saenz, Ashley Walker, Lorraine
Self-Management of HIV and Diabetes in African-American Women: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Literature Wright, Charolotte Zuniga, Julie
Garcia, Alexandra
Hysterectomies of Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Women Yoo, Linda Harrison, Tracie