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Undergraduate Student Research

The Undergraduate Nursing Honors Program offers honors students the opportunity to gain valuable research experience under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor. Once their research is complete, honors students must summarize their work in a professional style written report and publically present their findings.

Click on the project title to download the research. All undergraduate research projects are in PDF format.

List of 2017 Undergraduate Research Projects

Project Title



Video Games in a Healthcare Setting Alejo, Bianca Radhakrishnan, Kavita
College Students with Chronic Illnesses: Transition to Self-Care Britt, Lauren Benham-Hutchins, Marge
The Impact of Dietary Practices and Nutritional Behaviors for People with Multiple Sclerosis Gloris, Nicole Becker, Heather
Non-Nutritive Sweetened Beverage Consumption and How It Relates to Caloric Intake and BMI in Women Dieters Goldberg, Christina Timmerman, Gayle
Pancreatic Cancer Risk: The Relationship Among BMI, Smoking, and Type 2 Diabetes Hall, Jennifer Garcia, Alexandra
Barriers to Mental Health Service Utilization Among Depressed Minority Adolescents and Young Adults: An Integrative Review Lopez, Cecilia Rolin, Donna
Suicidality in Young Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Review of the Literature Luong, Casey Rew, Lynn
The Relationship Between Sleep Quality and Perceived Job Performance in Nurses Seeking Graduate Degrees Murphy, Emily Carter, Patricia
Analysis of Routine Venipuncture Education and Practice among Acute Care Nurses Park, John Champion, Jane
Sleep; how do we fix this disparity in new mothers? Price, Rachael Carter, Patricia
Cognitive Vulnerabilities, Negative Life Events, and Depressive Symptoms in Hispanic Young Adolescents Romito, Aleigh Young, Cara
Relationship of Mental Health and Income of Undergraduate Nursing Students Tram, Angeline Joiner-Rogers, Glenda