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List of Faculty with Research Expertise


Research Expertise

Acton, Gayle Gerontology, caregivers of adults with dementia
Bae, Sung-Heui Nursing workforce behavior, health-care organizational behavior
Becker, Heather Health of people with disabilities, chronic health problems: including cancer survivorship
Benham-Hutchins, Marge Influence of health information technology on communication between healthcare providers from multiple professions along the continuum of care; patient centered care
Brown, Richard A. Treatment of tobacco dependence and substance use disorders in adults and adolescents, comorbid psychiatric disorders, technology and social media interventions, exercise interventions, distress tolerance, motivational interviewing
Brown, Sharon Diabetes self-management and facilitating improved health outcomes, particularly in Mexican Americans
Carter, Patricia Behavioral interventions to promote quality of life for family caregivers of persons with chronic illnesses
Champion, Jane Sexually transmitted diseases, health promotion, disease prevention
Danesh, Valerie Rapid Response Teams, telemedicine, adverse events, ICU survivorship, and clinical research operations
Delville, Carol Emotional representation in chronic illness, particularly heart failure
Garcia, Alexandra Diabetes symptom management and education, particularly in Mexican Americans
Gaskamp, Carol Parish nursing, spirituality and healing environments
Harrison, Tracie Qualitative and mixed method research to enhance the lives of people aging with disabilities
Hendrickson, Sherry Parental home safety behaviors, underserved populations
Horner, Sharon Families with children who have chronic illnesses; school-aged children with asthma
Johnson, Karen Sports participation, adolescents, self-esteem
Jones, Terry Measurement, allocation, negotiation, and experience of nursing time in the current nursing work environment
Kim, Miyong cardiovascular health-related disparities among underserved ethnic minority populations, particularly hypertension and diabetes control, cancer prevention, and mental health
Meraviglia, Marty Promoting healthy behaviors for low-income cancer survivors
Radhakrishnan, Kavita Congestive heart failure, telehealth medicine, improving self-management
Rew, Lynn Sexual health in adolescents; homeless adolescents
Stuifbergen, Alexa Health promotion & quality of life for women with chronic, disabling illnesses
Timmerman, Gayle Non-purge binge eating and weight in women; restaurant eating and obesity
Volker, Deborah Ethical dilemmas and decisions made by adults with cancer, their families, and nurses
Walker, Lorraine Gestational weight gain; health literacy; behavioral & psychosocial health of postpartum women; decision support for behavioral change
Xie, Bo Elders, health literacy, improving health information access
Yoder, Linda Quality of life in burned military service members
Young, Cara Adolescent mental health with an emphasis on mental health promotion and prevention