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Learning Enhancement and Academic Progress (LEAP) Center


The Learning Enhancement and Academic Progress (LEAP) Center was created in the fall of 2014 for the purpose of strengthening academic resources and services for students and faculty at The University of Texas School of Nursing. The LEAP Center is designed to combine strategic areas within the School such as the learning center, computer testing, simulation center, skills training, academic support, and media services into a single cohesive unit that will streamline and optimize both student and faculty development.


Simulation & Skills Center

The Simulation & Skills Center (SSC) provides an environment for students to practice and demonstrate nursing skills. Students learn psychomotor, physical assessment, and critical thinking skills necessary for clinical performance.

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Student Academic Support

Student Academic Support is the UT School of Nursing resource for students seeking academic support. Nursing majors receive assistance through Individual Academic Counseling, Academic Peer Tutoring, Study Skills Workshops, and referrals to campus services.

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Computer Testing Center

The Computer Testing Center (CTC) provides specific testing areas and other computer services to School of Nursing students and faculty. Two private computer rooms can be reserved for classroom use and testing.

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Educational Innovation Team

The LEAP Center has added a new department, the Educational Innovation Team (EIT), which is comprised of the following: Instructional Technologist Specialist, Webmaster, and Graphic Designer.

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Nursing Resources

Visit Nursing Resources page to learn how nursing healthcare professionals can obtain quality accredited continuing nursing education (CNE). It also provides link to UT Nursing Library - Nursing Resources and Research (NORR) web page.

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