Simulation & Skills Center (SSC)

Nursing students at Simulation and Skills Center

The School of Nursing Simulation and Skills Center (SSC) is a state-of-the-art nursing educational facility that incorporates simulated, realistic learning experiences into the instruction of nursing students. Located on the fourth floor of the Nursing building, SSC provides an environment for students to practice and demonstrate nursing skills. Students learn psychomotor, physical assessment, and critical thinking skills necessary for clinical performance. Students have hands-on practice with the equipment and techniques they will need for the practice setting.

Simulation & Skills Center Labs

Simulation Lab

Location: 4.106A-F, with debriefing rooms 4.104 A & B

The Simulation Lab is used for the practice of clinical performance in a realistic clinical setting. Nursing education at the School of Nursing includes the use of standardized patients, human patient simulators and realistic simulated clinical settings to enhance student learning. Simulations assist students achieve high standards of care in a safe and supportive environment. This learning environment allows students the opportunity to gain experience with common and uncommon events that are not always available in the clinical setting. It allows students to put classroom learning into the context of a clinical situation.

Skills Lab

Location: 4.108, 4.118 and 4.120

The Skills Lab is used for nursing skills development in a setting similar to an open hospital patient ward. Our three, six-bed rooms, are equipped with hospital beds, over-bed tables, IV poles, simulated oxygen and suction, bed side charting stations and other hospital related equipment and supplies. Learning and practicing skills in the skills lab prior to going into the hospital allow students to develop the skills necessary to perform nursing procedures for patients in the clinical setting.

Assessment Lab

Location: 4.102

The Assessment Lab provides a classroom with nine exam tables and is primarily used for advanced assessment procedures, orientations, and simulations.

Open Lab

Open lab hours may be used to practice assessment or clinical skills. This time may also be used to make up missed lab classes.

NOTE: The Simulation & Skills Center is considered clinical space and students are required to follow the official School of Nursing uniform policy, as stated in course syllabi and the student handbook.
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Open Lab Hours – Fall 2021 (Appointments Required)

Location: Room 4.118 unless otherwise posted
Time: Monday & Tuesday : 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Friday: 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Other times may be available by appointment. Contact the SSC Staff for Instructor prescription appointments at (512) 471-9062 or email at for any questions.

*(All open lab hours are subject to change due to the availability of personnel and space)*

NOTE: If a student has received a skills lab prescription from their instructor to make up a missed lab or work with a teaching assistant on specific skills, the student must make an appointment with the SSC office at least one day before the desired open lab. This is to ensure that the needed materials and staff are available at that time. During busy times, such as around performance test dates, students may only reserve 20-minute appointments with the TA, so students who need to make up several hours should plan on multiple visits over the course of several days to complete their prescribed lab practice.