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Gayle Acton, PhD, RN, CS | Associate Professor

Gayle Acton

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Phone: 512 471-9081
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Office: NUR 5.149
The University of Texas at Austin, School of Nursing
1710 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78712

Dr. Acton is an Associate Professor of Adult Health Nursing. Her research program concerns the older adult client, and in particular, caregivers of adults with dementia. She is interested in those interventions and resources that assist caregivers to cope more effectively with caregiving duties, and thus, achieve a higher level of well-being. She has conducted a comprehensive meta-analytic evaluation of published and unpublished research testing interventions for family caregivers. Dr. Acton has tested health promoting interventions for family caregivers and she has conducted several studies of communication with persons with dementia. In the past she has investigated the resources of affiliated-individuation, hope, self-worth, and perceived support, evaluating their relationship to stress and well-being in caregivers. She has studied the role of self-transcendence and spirituality in the caregiving the role plays in helping caregivers cope with stress and burden. Dr. Acton tested a model of health promotion in community-dwelling older adults and family caregivers. She developed interventions to facilitate health promotion in family caregivers and adapted the interventions for Hispanic family caregivers. Dr. Acton also works with persons with dementia testing best communication techniques.

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Invited Publications

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