Nursing Students

The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing is one of the leading nursing schools in the nation, with a history of excellence in academics, research, and service. We earn this distinction because of our:

  • Diverse, engaged students taught by dedicated faculty
  • Cutting-edge research conducted by nursing school faculty focusing on health behaviors and health promotion across the lifespan
  • Service through our community-based clinics
  • Collaborative partnerships

The UT Austin School of Nursing prepares its students for rewarding careers that enrich the practical world and help further nursing research.

Statue of Florence Nightingale

Values and Mission

The purpose of the School of Nursing is to achieve excellence in undergraduate education, graduate education, research, and public service, advancing the missions of the University of Texas.

Old photograph of the UT Austin School of Nursing

History of Texas Nursing

Nursing courses were first offered on The University of Texas at Austin campus in 1960 when faculty members were transferred from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.