Cain Center for Nursing Research


The Cain Center for Nursing Research was opened in September 1995 for the purpose of strengthening the support services available to faculty for developing their research programs. Some services that are provided through the Cain Center are:

  • Group grantwriting sessions, individual grantwriting consultation, mock study sections, and “think tanks” for faculty submitting research proposals for extramural funding.
  • Support in preparation and submission of extramural faculty research and graduate student research training grant applications.
  • Editing of faculty manuscripts and research proposals.
  • Post-award fiscal management.
  • Individual consultation in research methods and statistics.
  • Individual consultation and group discussion to review summary statements from reviewers of previously submitted proposals.
  • Assistance for faculty and students with obtaining Departmental Review Committee (DRC) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for projects involving human subjects. 
  • Workshops on grant-related topics of interest for faculty.
  • Notification of research funding opportunities.

Research Lab

The Research Lab has supported the research efforts of faculty and graduate students at the School of Nursing as well as the wider community for several decades. Our hardware includes a dozen modern PCs, Macs, printers, and a scanner. Our list of general and specialized software is extensive. Our papers cover subjects from the very theoretical (HLM analysis) to the very applied (updating your virus protection software). Our friendly and experienced lab assistants are on hand to help you in many ways.

Lab staff can help you plan, design, and manage data by helping you

  • determine a research design and analysis that answers your study's questions
  • identify the most appropriate measurement methods
  • determine an appropriate sample size to provide adequate power
  • write the design and analysis sections of your grant proposal
  • run the analyses
  • interpret the output of the analysis
  • write up the results of the analysis for publication
  • determine an appropriate structure for the data file(s)
  • determine methods of combining and rearranging data file(s)
  • train student assistants in data entry and data analysis
  • organize data for qualitative analysis


Dr. Sharon Horner

Office: NUR 3.102H
Phone: 512-232-4710

Dr. Heather Becker

Research Scientist
Office: NUR 3.102N
Phone: 512-471-9097

Dr. John Bellquist

Office: 3.102M
Phone: 512-232-1835

Cindy Taylor

Grants & Contracts Specialist
Office: 3.102K
Phone: 512-232-4710

Lab Assistants

Jing Xu

Phone: 512-232-4761

Eunjin Seo

Phone: 512-232-4761