Friday, April 30, 2021
St. David's CHPR Colloquia: Strategies for Conducting Remote Research: Lessons Learned
Noon to 1 p.m.
Zoom Meeting

Topic: Strategies for Conducting Remote Research: Lessons Learned

Date: Friday, April 30, 2021

Time: 12:00PM – 1:00PM CST

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Speakers: Kavita Radhakrishnan, PhD, MEE, RN
Cara Young, PhD, RN, FNP-C, FAANP
Julie Zuniga, PhD, RN, FAAN

Research Areas:

Dr. Kavita Radhakrishnan is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas School of Nursing. Dr. Radhakrishnan’s research applies current and emerging digital health technologies to resolve clinical nursing research challenges. The long-term goal of her research is to develop affordable and scalable health interventions that enable ‘aging in place’. Currently she is the Principal Investigator of a study that examines digital gaming and connected sensors to enable heart failure self-management behaviors in older adults with funding from the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) (R21 NR018229-01). She is also the co-PI of a project “Health Information Search Behavior as a Manifestation of Cognitive Impairment: An Eye-Tracking Study” funded by the UT Austin APX Initiative. Through dissemination at over 40 national, international and regional conferences her research findings reach a wide audience of cardiovascular and health behavior researchers, healthcare providers and general public.

Dr. Cara Young is a family nurse practitioner, nurse researcher, and associate professor. Dr. Young's diverse program of research examines, and seeks to improve, behavioral and psychosocial transitions for vulnerable populations in the first half of the life course. Her primary line of research has focused on improving the mental health of children, adolescents, and young adults through mindfulness-based interventions. Additional current projects include a NIDA-funded study (1R21DA049539 - 01) testing the augmentive effects of isradipine with virtual reality cue exposure on cigarette craving, a NINR-funded pilot study  (P30NR015335-01) testing the effects of a mindfulness-based healthy lifestyle program with young women with PCOS, and a study funded by the Center for Youth Mental Health at Dell Medical School using an innovative mobile-sensing platform to detect and treat depression in vulnerable transition-age youth.

Dr. Julie Zuniga is an assistant professor. Her research interest includes self-management of stigmatized illnesses in conjunction with co-morbid conditions, with a focus on HIV and diabetes. Dr. Zuniga received her doctorate in nursing at The University of Texas at Austin and completed her post-doctoral fellowship at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently she is the Principal Investigator of a study that examines self-management behaviors for people with the dual diagnosis of HIV and diabetes National Institute of Nursing Research (R15NR017579). She is also the co-PI of a project “The acceptability of Long Acting PrEP for the prevention of HIV in the transgender community” funded by Merck. She has disseminated 42 articles in nursing and multi-disciplinary journals.

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