Janice F. Hernandez

Janice Hernandez
DNP, RN, FNP-C Clinical Assistant Professor Division Chair, Holistic Adult Health Nursing Academic Sponsor, Hispanic Nursing Student Association

NUR 5.127

Adult Health
Acute Care Chronic Disease/Disability Curriculum & Instruction Family Nursing Practitioner

Dr. Janice F. Hernandez DNP, RN, FNP-C – Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Hernandez is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the UT School of Nursing and serves as Division Chair of The Holistic Adult Health Division. She received her Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree at The University of Texas at Austin and currently teaches in the undergraduate and graduate level at the UT school of nursing and is committed to educating culturally competent nursing leaders to serve the community.  Dr. Hernandez is also the academic sponsor for the Hispanic Nursing Student Association dedicated to serving the community, supporting college students who want to pursue a degree in nursing by hosting internal/external transfer workshops as well as mentoring high school students who are interested in the nursing field. Dr. Hernandez is proud to be the President of Texas DNP - An organization representing Doctor of Nursing Practice graduates, students, and faculty in Texas. Texas DNP advances the health of individuals, families, and communities by promoting evidence-based practices and advocating for patient access, quality and safety. She was recently nominated to participate in the University of Texas Executive Management and Leadership Program, Spring 2020. The goal of the program is to develop expertise among university leaders to meet the business, leadership, and organizational challenges ahead for UT Austin.