Kavita Radhakrishnan

PhD, MSEE, RN, FAAN Associate Professor

NUR 5.139

Adult Health Nursing Research Nursing Systems Tenured/Tenure Track
Chronic Disease/Disability Gerontology/Aging Nursing Informatics Prevention/Wellness

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Dr. Kavita Radhakrishnan received her PhD in Nursing Science in 2011 from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She holds a Master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania New Courtland Center for Transitions and Aging.

Dr. Radhakrishnan’s research applies current and emerging technologies such as telemonitoring, connected sensors, and digital gaming in order to resolve clinical nursing research problems such as heart failure self-management. She has also applied a game-based intervention to motivate end-of-life planning in the ethnic minority group of South Asian Indians. The long-term goal of her research is to develop affordable and scalable health interventions that enable ‘aging in place’.

Currently she is the Principal Investigator of a study that examines digital gaming and connected sensors to enable heart failure self-management behaviors in older adults with funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH)/National Institute of Nursing Research. Dr. Radhakrishnan has served as an expert advisor on the American Heart Association’s policy task force on implementation of telehealth in cardiovascular and stroke care and is a member of the American Heart Association’s Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing Committee and the Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Committee.

Dr. Radhakrishnan is interested in working with undergraduate or graduate students with interests in technology innovations for cardiac disorders or South Asian health issues.