Compliance Policy

What is it?

As students entering clinical agencies and practicum experiences in the School of Nursing, several requirements related to background checks, drug screens, immunization status, specific trainings, and liability insurance must be documented.

Why do you need it?

The Texas Board of Nursing requires criminal background checks on students entering professional nursing programs, and to determine eligibility for licensure upon completion of the program. In addition, clinical agencies have their own standards and accreditation mandates requiring documentation that all employees and students entering their facilities have met all their requirements. For each clinical facility there is an official affiliation agreement that outlines responsibilities and obligations of both the clinical agency and the School and its students. We are audited periodically by the agencies to assure them that we are accurate and that our students are fully compliant.

School of Nursing Policy Statement

Students must be compliant for clinical courses prior to the first class day. Students who are not compliant will be dropped from the clinical course on the first class day. Students may petition to be re-enrolled in the clinical course(s) after completing the compliance requirements up to the 12th class day. However, University standard late fees will apply and students will not be guaranteed their preferred clinical site or instructor.