Graduate - Advising & Registration

Graduate students are encouraged to access their Registration Information Sheet to verify their registration access time. Any bars on student registration must be cleared prior to adding classes. Approximately one week prior to registration, students will receive an email from graduate student services detailing the advising procedures.

All students register for courses online via the Office of the Registrar Registration. After you have been advised by your academic or faculty advisor, you will Register Now on the UT Registration page and login using your EID and password. As you prepare for the registration process, it is important to have course unique numbers ready as well as a few course alternatives as your choice courses may be full or restricted to certain major codes. 

Registration Access Periods are determined by the Office of the Registrar. Students can find their specific registration dates and times by logging onto your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) using your UT EID and password. 

Late Registration

Please consult the Academic Calendar for specific registration details. 

Graduate students registering for courses during the 1st through the 12th class days in the Fall and Spring, or during the 1st and 4th class days in the Summer, may register late via the registration system. Please review Registrar’s academic calendar each semester for registration late fee dates.

Graduate students registering for courses after the 4th and 12th class dates during long semesters and summer sessions respectively, MUST complete a Petition for Late Registration of Graduate Students Form (PDF) and follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. Student must obtain the signature of ALL instructors (check course schedule - EID required) for approval to register for their classes. In the absence of the instructor, consult the Chair in the department that offers the course.
  2. Student must obtain the signature of the Graduate Advisor.
  3. When the petition is complete, the student must submit the petition to the Office of Graduate Studies located in Main 101. The office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday.
  4. If the petition is approved, the student must take the signed form to Registrar’s office located in the MAIN building (tower), for processing.
  5. Next the student must take the form to the Student Accounts Receivable Office, located in Main 4, for a fee bill to be printed.
  6. The students MUST submit the fee bill and payment to the Cashier’s Office, located in Main 8, to complete registration. Payment must be made in person (do not use the drop box) the same day the petition is approved by the Graduate Studies Office, or the registration will be cancelled.

Registration after the 12th class day during Fall and Spring or the 4th class day in Summer is only permitted in rare circumstances. In this case, the student should contact the Graduate Studies Services Office for help.

Problems with Registration

If you have problems with registration, please contact the appropriate office to rectify the issue(s):

  • If you have an advising bar, students should contact the Graduate Student Services Office (512-471-7927).
  • If you have a medical bar contact the University Health Services Office (512-471-4955).
  • If you have a financial bar contact the Student Accounts Receivable Office (512-475-7777) and/or the Student Financial Services Office (512-475-6282).
  • If you have a j-bar contact the International Office (512-471-2477). 
  • If you have technical problems contact Registration Supervision (512-475-7656).

For all other problems related to Registration, please contact Registration Supervision at 512-475-7656.