2022 Summit: Posters Session I

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2022 Summit Posters

Below you will find the list of poster session titles and authors. Poster Session I will take place on Thursday, November 3, 2022 and will include 20 posters. Poster Session II will take place on Friday, November 4, 2022 and will include the next 20 posters.

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Poster Session I - Thursday, November 3, 2022

1 Title: Exploring the Experiences of First Nations Mental Health and Wellness Services with Skú7pecen (Porcupine)

Authors: Hunter-Porter, N.R., & Bearskin, L.B.
2 Title: Exploring Colonization, Historical Trauma and Links to Alcohol Use with Native Hawaiians in Rural Hawaii

Author: Greywolf, C.T.
3 Title: Hear My Story: Mothers with Addiction and Recovery Use of Kratom in the Perinatal Period

Author: Wright, M.E.
4 Title: Nursing the Nuu-chah-nulth Way by Teaching Wellness Through Ḥaaḥuupa

Author: Dick, V.L.
5 Title: A Cultural-Based Approach to Address Substance Use Among Urban Native American Young Adults

Authors: Kelley, M., Lowe, J., Greywolf, C., Cirilo, R., Menon, U.
6 Title: Conceptualizing Cultural Safety: Findings on Commercial Tobacco Use Among Urban Native American Youth

Author: Wimbish-Tompkins, R.
7 Title: Indigenous New Graduate Nurses Transition to Practice Experience in Waponahki Territory (Atlantic Canada)

Authors: Murchison-Perley, J., & Hickey, J.
8 Title: Exploring Student Experience of Indigenist Anti-racist Education in Nursing

Author: Kelly, L.
9 Title: A Preliminary Overview of the Development and Content Testing of the Indigenous Nursing Student Success Survey (INSSS) Project

Authors: Googoo, D., Frances, J., Campbell, L., Vine, L., & Latimer, M. [L'nu Nursing Initiative NS]
10 Title: Breast Cancer Knowledge and Barriers to Screening Among Women in Rural Western Kenya

Author: Mbango, C.
11 Title: Knowledge and Utilization of Traditional Medicine for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Among Residents of Pakuri

Authors: Boston, C., Kurup, R., Rosales, J., & Singh, J.
12 Title: Diabetes Knowledge and Numeracy Among BIPOC with Type 2 Diabetes

Authors: Huang, Y-C., Zuñiga, J., Bang, S.H., & García, A.
13 Title: Effectiveness of Initiatives to Minimize Blood Usage and Wastage at a Public Hospital Setting in Guyana

Authors: Kurup, R., Anderson, A., Bisnauth, R., Pompey-Atkins, S., Boston, B., & Mohamed-Rambarran, P.
14 Title: Providing Equity-Oriented Care and Services: Perspectives of Primary Care Nurses Working in Nunavik Inuit Communities

Authors: Delli Colli, A-R., & Blanchet Garneau, A.
15 Title: Insights From Developing a Community of Practice to Enhance Nursing Workforce in a Native American Community

Authors: Kahn-John, M., Nelson, K., Joseph, J. Adams, K., Werk, A., Decker, E. Wilson, D., Kazemi, M., & Brockie, T.
16 Title: Torres Strait Islander Nurse Led COVID Vaccination Team

Authors: Wapau, H., Mills, Y., Mills, S., Loban, T., Assan, M. Motlop, P., Underwood, M., Warrior, A., Marnock, M., Solomon, B., Mola, R., Zitha, T., Mau, M., Tabua, G., Wasiu, G., Kennedy, V., Unwin, L., Mandie, Y., Stephen, S., Gregson, S., McKay, J., Brown, C., & Hayes, R.
17 Title: United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians' (UKB) Perceptions and Experiences of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Descriptive Study

Authors: Longoria, K.D., & Nnaka, T.
18 Title: Decolonizing Research Processes Used in a Pan-Canadian Indigenous and Non-indigenous Team

Authors: Blanchet Garneau, A., Ward, C., Lavoie, P., Smylie, D., Petiquay-Dufresne, J., Nepton, C., Chamoun, L., Delli-Colli, A-R., & Bélisle, M.
19 Title: Measuring Indigenous Cultural Practices Involving Human Interconnectedness Within Nature: Impact on Sleep and Chronic Disease

Authors: Fernandez, A., Owen, B., LeClair, J., Thomas, N., Barbosa-Leiker, C., Brown, R., Whyte, K., Walters, K., & Nelson, L.
20 Title: Recruitment of Underrepresented Populations for a Clinical Trial on Mild Cognitive Impairment and Sleep Apnea

Authors: Aguilar, V., Richards, K., Gooneratne, N., & Lozano, A.