2022 Summit: Posters Session II

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2022 Summit Posters

Below you will find the list of poster session title and author(s). The Poster Session I will take place on Thursday, November 3, 2022 and will include 20 posters. The Poster Session II will take place on Friday, November 4, 2022 and will include the next 20 posters.

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Poster Session II - Friday, November 4, 2022

21 Title: The Experiences of Native American Nursing Students with Retention Activities

Author: Bruce, C.
22 Title: A Conversational Analysis of Community Health Nurses and Systems Change in First Nations Communities

Author: Lounsbury, K.
23 Title: Intervention Measurement of a Mandatory Indigenous Cultural Safety Course

Author: Nash, A.
24 Title: The Quest for a Sustainable Wound Management Solution for Rural Areas of Tropical Developing Countries

Author: Benskin, L.
25 Title: Phytochemical Analysis and Anti-diabetic Potential of Annona muricata L., Persea americana Mill. And Montrichardia Arborescens L. Schott Utilized by the Residents of Pakuri

Authors: Bosten, C., Rosales, J., & Singh, J.
26 Title: Indicators of Psychological Capital Among Self-Identified Indigenous Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Authors: Rew, L., Kelley, M., Preston, A., & Spees, J.
27 Title: Patterns of Sexual Behaviors of Adolescents Attending a Secondary School in Region 9, Guyana

Authors: Mardenborough-Razack, W., Clemment, A., Rodrigues, P., & Gomes-Solphoniz, F.
28 Title: Intimate Partner Violence in the Lives of Urban Wisconsin American Indian Women: A Continuation of Colonial Injustice

Author: Luebke, J.
29 Title: Increasing the Cultural Safety of Publicly Available Maternity Services to Indigenous Women in New Brunswick

Authors: Powell, E., & Hickey, J.
30 Title: Searching for Clues Among the Invisible: US Indigenous Maternal Morbidity and Mortality

Authors: Abbyad, C., & Polinard, E.
31 Title: Family Spirit Nurture: An Indigenous Solution for Promoting Healthy Infant and Family Nutrition

Authors: Nelson, L., & Harris, A.
32 Title: Holistic Promotion of Youth Wellness from a Métis Perspective: Knowledge Sharing with Métis Knowledge Holders

Authors: Padley, M., & Bearskin, L.B.
33 Title: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Self-Management Among Refugees: An Integrative Review

Authors: Bang, S.H., Huang, Y-C., Zuñiga, J., & García, A.
34 Title: Indigenous Nursing Knowledge Translation Project: K’wseltktnéws & Knucwentwécws as a Method to Support Indigenous Led Health Systems Change

Author: Melnyk, R.
35 Title: Period: Educate, Impact, and Perceptions

Authors: Cole Patino, A., & Magpantay-Monroe, E.
36 Title: Integration and Implementation of an Anti-Racist Pedagogical Approach Among Health Sciences Educators

Authors: Blanchet Garneau, A., Ward, C., Lavoie, P., Smylie, D., Petiquay-Dufresne, J., Nepton, C., Chamoun, L., Delli-Colli, A-R., & Bélisle, M.
37 Title: Transition Practices of College Students With and Without Suicide Attempts

Authors: Kim, N., & Young, C.C.
38 Title: Examining HIV/AIDS Behaviors Among Urban American Indian/Alaska Native Young Adults Living in Florida

Authors: Kelley, M., Baldwin, J., & Lowe, J.
39 Title: Cultural Adaptation of a Digital Health Tool to Improve Hypertension Self-Care for American Indians

Authors: Radhakrishnan, K., Brooks, J., Kelley, M., O'Hair, M., Currin, G., Rangel, A., & Lowe, J.
40 Title: Native It's Your Game 2.0: Technology-based Sexual Health Curriculum for American Indian/Alaska Native Youth

Authors: Sidhu, A., Evans, G., Rushing, S., Jessen, C., Gorman, G., Shegog, R., & Markham, C.