Improving Person-Centered Care

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May 7, 2024

Meet Oscar Franco-Rocha, BSN, RN, PhD in Nursing Candidate at the School of Nursing.

Oscar’s research focuses on the study of minority stress and its impact on the mental and social well-being of sexual and gender minority populations with cancer.

Oscar has made several scholarly contributions to nursing research, including leading or collaborating on multiple articles and systematic reviews, and presenting at national and international conferences. He has also participated in workshops funded by the National Cancer Institute, the Sexual and Gender Minority Cancer Curricula to Advance Research & Education, organized by Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians (BNGAP), and the Research Methods in Supportive Oncology, organized by the Center for Palliative Care at Harvard Medical School.

He received the Dolores Sands Award for Excellence in Nursing Research (2023) from the Epsilon Theta chapter of the Sigma Theta Tau International and a Health Equity Fellowship from the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer.

We honor Oscar during National Nurses Week for his leadership in improving person-centered care.