Center for Advanced Research Methods (CARM)


The Center for Advanced Research Methods (CARM) aims to be a pivotal resource for both students and faculty at the School of Nursing, guiding them towards achieving exceptional research outcomes. We provide essential data science support that is critical for conducting rigorous, impactful research, thereby significantly contributing to the expansion and enrichment of the School of Nursing’s research portfolio. Our overarching goal is to produce research that is not only academically rigorous but also has a tangible, positive impact on healthcare outcomes. We are dedicated to nurturing a culture of excellent, innovative data science, ensuring that the School of Nursing remains at the cutting edge of healthcare research and education.

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Our Objectives


Our mission is to empower both faculty and students through the provision of advanced data analysis tools and robust data science education. We strive to enhance the quality of research by fostering a culture of rigorous, ethical, and innovative inquiry that addresses pressing health challenges. 

Recognizing the critical role of funding in academic research, we are committed to augmenting the success rates in securing research grants. This is achieved by offering specialized support in the data analysis aspects of grant proposal development, data collection and management. Our aim is to not only secure funding resources, but also to ensure their efficient and impactful utilization. 

Central to our mission is the advancement of data science education. By integrating cutting-edge data analysis techniques, predictive modeling, and machine learning into the curriculum, we provide a strong foundation for students and faculty to excel in data-driven research. Our approach is rooted in the principles of precision medicine, ensuring that our community is well-equipped to generate actionable insights and foster data-driven decision-making. 

  1. Strengthen Research Quality: Provide robust data analysis and statistical services to validate the rigor of ongoing and future research.
  2. Enhance Funding Success: Offer specialized support for grant proposal writing with a focus on data analysis and methodological soundness.
  3. Data Science Education: Offer workshops, tutorials, and consultative services to students and faculty regarding data-related aspects of programmatic research development.

Our Services


Data Analysis and Modeling

  1. Expert consultation on research design, inferential statistics, and data visualization techniques. 
  2. Assistance with creating and validating predictive models, with an emphasis on addressing challenges like algorithmic bias and statistical assumptions. 
  3. Support for implementing advanced methods including utilization of high dimensional (“big”) data, machine learning, and Bayesian statistical modeling. 

Grant Proposal Support

  1. Thorough vetting of research methods, statistical analysis plans, and power calculation to strengthen the competitiveness of the proposal. 
  2. Formal reviews and critiques of grant proposals by an interdisciplinary group of experienced senior faculty. 
  3. Regular workshops regarding the components of successful grant applications focusing on effect size and power considerations, statistically testable aims, and rigorous, reproducible design. 

Dissertation Support 

  1. Expert advice on optimizing research design for methodological rigor and feasibility. 
  2. Customized consultation to guide students through the analytical aspects of their dissertation work.

Data Science Education

Tutorials and Research Tools

All files below are in PDF format.

  • Workshops will be announced via faculty and student listservs and recordings posted here when available.

Our Team


Jasmine Zeng, MS

Data Scientist



Cheongin (Rachel) Im, MSN, RN

Graduate Research Assistant



Jeeyeon Kim, BS, RN

Graduate Research Assistant