Care Counselor

Counselors in Academic Residence Program (CARE) is a satellite program of the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC). The CARE Counselor is available to help with a variety of issues that may serve as a barrier to students’ academic success. Gretchen Rees, LCSW-S, is the CARE representative in the School of Nursing. Gretchen enjoys working with the students of the School of Nursing as she is interested in working with burnout, compassion fatigue, and mental health issues unique to caregivers.

Contact Information 

How to schedule an appointment with Gretchen:

  1. Call Gretchen at 512-232-4701 and ask to schedule a CARE appointment. Be sure to leave a voicemail with your UT EID if no answer.
  2. Call the Counseling and Mental Health Center at 512-472-3515 and say you would like to make an appointment with your CARE counselor. 
  3. Students may also be referred by Nursing faculty and staff. 


Individual/Group Counseling: Staff and Faculty refer students to Gretchen. School of Nursing staff and faculty fill out a CARE Referral Form to provide Gretchen information about the referred student. Please let the student know you are doing this. When a referral is completed, Gretchen is able to send the student a secure message via our Electronic Health Record to reinforce the referral. This message includes information about CARE and CMHC services, including psychoeducation on counseling.

Logistics of CARE Services: Appointments are confidential. None of the information discussed will be shared without written consent. Counseling sessions at UT are now free. There is a $25 charge for missed or canceled appointments that are NOT canceled 24 hours in advance of the appointment. Case management, office hours, the mind/body lab, and group services are free.

Consultation/Crisis Support: If you would like to discuss a student or situation with a mental health professional, please contact Gretchen at 512-232-4701, LEAVE A MESSAGE and she will get back to you as soon as he can. She receives alerts on her cell phone only when a voicemail is recorded. She can then call you back, even on days when he is located outside the School of Nursing. You can also call the Behavioral Concerns Advice Line (BCAL) at 512-232-5050 if you have an urgent concern.

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