Honors Program

The Undergraduate Nursing Honors Program is designed to enhance the educational experience of high-achieving undergraduate nursing majors by focusing on the development of scholarship. Honors program students enjoy working with a faculty mentor on research, taking special honors sections of selected courses, completing an honor’s thesis, and presenting their work at a conference or poster session.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Nursing Honors Program is competitive. The criteria considered for admission include:

  • Admission to UT-Austin.
  • Successful completion of the first semester in residence at UT-Austin with minimum of 3.45 GPA (completing 15 credit hours during the first semester is preferred, but a 12 credit hour load is permissible).
  • Completion of at least 1 science course in residence at UT-Austin.
  • Evidence of strong academic skills, particularly in science and math.
  • Clear explanation of reasons for choosing nursing and interest in Honors program.
  • Strong writing skills shown in application essay and in writing sample (submitted at the School of Nursing prior to application deadline).
  • Community volunteer and/or work activities illustrating interest in working with people.
Application Procedures

Applications are accepted during the second semester of the freshmen year, and the program begins in the sophomore year.  Honors Program students are expected to maintain competitive grade point averages in general education and science courses, as well as in the Nursing courses. In addition, students must complete an honor’s project, which includes a formal paper and a presentation of the project’s results.

For questions about the Honor’s Program, students should consult with Dr. Ana Todd, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs, at (512) 232-4789 or atodd411@utexas.edu and attend an Honors Program Information Session usually held in February, just prior to the application deadline in March.