Internal Transfer

An internal transfer student is a current University of Texas at Austin undergraduate in a non-nursing major who applies to transfer into the School of Nursing in order to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

Internal Transfer Application

Application Deadlines for Spring Admissions: December 1

Application Deadlines for Fall Admissions: May 1

Articulation Agreement

The University of Texas at Austin and Austin Community College's Articulation and Instructional Services Agreement: A Collaboration Addressing the Shortage of Nursing Professionals with BNS and Higher Degrees.

Download Articulation Agreement (EID)

Internal Transfer Process

The transfer process into the School of Nursing process is consistent with UT’s policy for internal transfers. It is a competitive process that takes into account space availability as well as the quality of the candidate pool. Preference is given to students who demonstrate that they will be on track toward a timely graduation. Students should visit BSN program and refer to the BSN degree plan for course requirements and use the Interactive Degree Audit system to create a degree audit in order to determine degree progression.

Students are limited to only two internal transfer attempts into the BSN program. The application should be within the first four long semesters. Students with 90 or more hours or a completed degree are encouraged to consider other options, such as completing a degree in the current college/school and applying to the Alternate Entry Master of Science in Nursing (AE-MSN) program or pursuing a second bachelor’s degree. Some universities offer accelerated pathways to the BSN for students with prior degrees.

Reviews & Decisions

The School of Nursing will review applications and release decisions after grades from the current semester are available. Reviews are based on the information that students submit: essay, resume, and GPAs. Essays and resumes and GPAs should demonstrate a strong desire to be and succeed in the nursing profession. Students should explore careers in nursing and participate in volunteer work to strengthen their understanding of their career interest. Some helpful resources include the Wayfinder and Discover Nursing websites.

Decisions are released prior to the final registration period. Decisions are sent by Secure Academic Note (SAN) to the e-mail address that students file with the University. Advising will be available for students approved for internal transfer in time to drop/add courses for fall semester if necessary.

Eligibility Requirements

The following are required:

  • 24 credit hours (it is preferred that these are done in residence at UT).
    • Courses taken pass/fail, by UT Extension, UT Correspondence, or credit by exam do not satisfy these eligibility requirements.
  • Demonstrate foreign language proficiency.
    • 2 years of a same foreign language in high school OR 2 semesters of same foreign language in college.
  • Students with UT cumulative GPA and science course GPA of 3.0 and above will be given preference.
  • CH 301, SDS 302, and BIO 311C are required and a letter grade of C- or better must be earned in each. 
  • The following science courses are required for the BSN, but not required in order to apply for internal transfer. Students may take the courses and grades earned will be calculated in the UT cumulative GPA (if taken in residence) and science prerequisite GPA. A letter grade of C- or better must be earned in each.
    • BIO 326M - Introduction to Medical Microbiology
    • BIO 446L - Human Microscopy & Gross Anatomy
    • BIO 365S - Vertebrate Systems Physiology
    • NTR 306 - Fundamentals of Nutrition
    • PHR 338 - Introduction to Pharmacology

Application Procedures

Students must submit their application and all required materials through the UT Austin Office of Admissions website by the deadline.