African American Mental Health and Wellness Program


The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing and Division of Campus and Community Engagement (DCCE) has partnered with the City of Austin, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, and Rehoboth Baptist Church to develop the AMEN - African American Mental Health and Wellness Program catering to the cultural needs including mental and physical health of their residents. The AMEN Program includes on-site clinical services, mental health education programs and mental health training for pastors. Austin Public Health has funded this effort over the past 5 years with a grant to the UT Austin School of Nursing for more than $900,000.

We would like to acknowledge and thank our partners Division of Campus and Community Engagement; Family Wellness Center; Mt. Zion Baptist Church; and Rehoboth Baptist Church for collaborating with the UT Austin School of Nursing to deliver a comprehensive community-based health program to improve both mental health and physical wellness outcomes of African Americans with limited financial resources or access to quality care.

Please contact the AMEN team by emailing us at

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