The Center for Global and Community Nursing

Welcome to the Center for Global and Community Nursing (CGCN)! In the contemporary world, human health and wellbeing are no longer confined to local boundaries—they are profoundly affected by and intertwined with a multitude of global changes and issues. Global engagement in healthcare professions including nursing has become an absolute mandate. Lessons learned from global engagement and community activities can be mutually beneficial. 

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Our Mission

To support The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing’s mission through community and global partnership.

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Our Aim

The CGCN serves as a central hub for engaging local and international partnerships with the UT Austin School of Nursing. We aim to connect nursing education stakeholders from the local communities and around the world.

Our Team

Dr. Rhee Hyekyun

Hyekyun Rhee, PhD, RN, FAAN

Associate Dean & Director


Julie Westerman, M.Ed.

Center Coordinator


Global Opportunities for Faculty & Students
  • Texas Global - Global Funding Opportunities: Faculty and scholars can find resources to support a variety of global engagement activities.
  • Texas Global - Find a Program: Students looking for education abroad opportunities to complement or fulfill their academic coursework.
  • Texas Global - Scholarships: Students searching for ways to offset the costs of studying or interning abroad can find more information about scholarships and resources.
  • Faculty Opportunities: Options include sponsoring a visiting scholar, co-publishing, guest lecturing or presenting abroad, and joint grant applications. Please email for more information.
International Student and Faculty Visitors

If you are in the beginning stages of exploring your visit, please submit a general inquiry form to explore possible options available within the School of Nursing.

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International Delegation Visits

If you are interested in visiting UT Austin to meet with university leadership and learn more about the school, please contact the CGCN at

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Community Partnerships

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