Mission, Vision and Goals


The mission of the Community Health Worker (CHW) Institute is to engage, educate, employ, and empower Community Health Workers to meet the wellness needs for our communities.


Our vision is that all communities within Central Texas have access to safe, affordable, culturally relevant health care and resources to live full, productive lives.


  • Conduct a comprehensive, multi-level workforce analysis within Central Texas to better understand the gaps to sustainable CHW employment.
  • Partner with existing agencies who are currently providing certified CHW training to maximize community networks.
  • Establish a state-level, comprehensive specialty training and continuing education program for CHWs to develop knowledge and skills to improve the quality of life and health outcomes of underserved populations in Central Texas.
  • Connect trained CHWs with sustainable work opportunities, and promote fair and adequate compensation.
  • Provide technical support and resources to strengthen community capacity for CHW employment and ongoing development
  • Increase employment of CHWs by community and clinical health organizations in Central Texas, especially in more rural areas; and improved community health outcomes and satisfaction.